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4 Best Ways to Extend the Life of Your Phone

Extending the life of your smartphone can be a big money saver if it means adding extra months or year before requiring an upgrade.

With the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 13 release right around the corner, many are waiting for the release to trade up their current phone. To keep your phone in good condition for longer, there are some key things you can do.

Here are the 4 best ways to extend the life of your smartphone.

1. Get a quality screen protector and case

From screen protectors that are clear stickers to ones that boast shatter-proof glass, you can find a huge variety of options. The options come in a big range of prices as well, making customers wonder how much they should spend, as one reddit post discussed. 

A case is critical to work in conjunction with a screen protector. A phone that is dropped and has impact on the sides or corners is more likely to crack, even with a screen protector. 

To make a good call on a case and cover for your phone, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Get the right materials. Go with glass screen protectors to prevent screen cracking, and find a shockproof material like silicone or rubber for your case.
  • Look for reviews. See if customers who made the purchase a while ago are reporting that theirs have broken or if they’re still holding out.
  • Check your phone model. Screen protectors and cases are made for specific phone models. Make sure the ones you buy are designed specifically for your model so that they can be a snug fit for the best protection.

2. Prepare for the elements

If you’re spending time outdoors, your phone can take a beating. Between sand and dirt, water, and extreme temperatures, bringing your phone with you can add some extra risks. Here are a few key things to remember:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures. To protect against damage, your phone will automatically shut off if gets too hot or too cold. This shutting off from temperature can strain the battery. Consider where you’re going and make sure you have somewhere to pack your phone that will keep it from getting exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Look for a specialty case. Areas like microphones, speakers, headphone jacks, and charging ports are common traps for dust. If you’re out around sand or dirt, it’s even more likely that you’ll end up with these inside your phone hardware. For those occasions, get a waterproof case that’s designed to cover all phone openings to protect against anything else from coming in.

3. Get an extended warranty for electronics

Most phones offer manufacturers warranties that cover them from defects. But if accident damage is a concern, you’ll want to add an extended warranty. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do your research. You want to get a great price tech warranty. The extended coverage option that is offered when you buy your phone is often not your best option. You don’t have to get a warranty through the same location you bought a phone from, so it’s worth shopping around to look at your options.
  • Read the terms. Make sure you read the coverage details to know what the extended warranty covers. Some plans have high value in coverage for the cost. Others only offer limited coverage that doesn’t have accident damage or will charge you to have your claim fulfilled.

4. Troubleshoot speed issues

If your phone is slowing down or acting up, it might not mean it’s time for a new one. Here are some basic steps to take to try to get more phone speed:

  • Check your storage space. Too many apps and stored photos can take up storage space that slows down your phone speed. Check for apps you don’t use regularly that are large file sizes and remove them. Have your photos and videos backed up via cloud storage. Regularly clear the phone space from files that are saved elsewhere. 
  • Do regular updates. Many phones will do system and version updates automatically. You may have to turn that option on in settings. Updates are rolled out in response to several things, including bug fixes that can help repair bugs that slow down your system.

Extend Your Phone Life to Save Big

Whether trying to keep your current phone going a little longer or dishing out money towards a new phone, you want to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible. Through following these 4 steps, you can help extend the life of your phone.

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