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Why you need an extended warranty on your all-in-one car seat

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Anyone who has purchased a car seat knows that they are quite the investment. They cost hundreds of dollars, but with good reason. They are well-constructed, well-tested, and extremely scrutinized pieces of equipment that keep our babies safe in some of the scariest situations.

A car seat is a no-brainer to protect with an extended warranty like MulberryCare. Even the more expensive car seats like this Maxi Cosi convertible car seat qualify for protection plans! Install the Mulberry extension so you don't miss out on free warranty coverage for your car seat.

Some parents worry about spending lots of money on a car seat because they know it won’t last forever. But when you look at all-in-one car seat models, you see they usually last about 10 years and go from newborn stage to booster seat. Maximize the value of your purchase by adding an extended warranty - you'll be protected against damages and issues as your child grows (and becomes more destructive). 

We looked at some popular all-in-one car seat models, why it’s beneficial to invest in an all-in-one car seat, some money saving options, and ways you can continue to protect this investment. 

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

The price tag and the perks of all-in-one car seats

Having the option to keep a carseat from birth to big-kid takes some of the sting out of spending so much on a car seat. Options like the Maxi Cosi car seat or the Diono car seat run well into the $200+ range, but the benefits of these more expensive models can justify the price tag. 

The car seat can rotate

Bending over to awkwardly get your child into and out of the car seat, especially as a newborn, can cause lots of strain on your back and on the child. There are now rotating car seats that offer the flexibility to be turned to face the parent standing outside the car so you can easily and painlessly get your kiddo into the seat. Rotating car seat options usually run pricier and are only available for all-in-one car seat models. Check out this Graco Turn2Me car seat at Target - and guess what? It's also eligible for a MulberryCare plan when you shop with the Mulberry extension

It's built to last

These all in one car seats can be used for a long time. Typically ranging from 4-100 lbs in weight guidelines, all-in-one car seats transform from rear-facing to forward-facing to boosters. Kids usually need a booster until age 12 (depending on your child's size), so this means you’ll need your car set to last for a while.

It can be rear-facing longer 

The CDC recommends children to be rear-facing from birth until ages 2-4. With traditional carrier-type car seats, this isn’t an option and you have to move your child out of them based on weight or height restrictions well before they’re 4. With an all-in-one car seat, you can easily follow the safety guidelines and keep your child rear facing for the best protection.  

Where to find affordable all-in-one car seat options

Not everyone can afford the fanciest Diono or Maxi Cosi car seat. There are some retailers that carry all-in-one car seats that are just as safe but don't have all the bells and whistles (hello rotating car seat!), which means they are more reasonably priced.

Walmart car seats

Purchasing a car seat from Walmart can be a great economical option. They often have sales and carry many of the popular brands parents trust. They have a lot of all-in-one car seat selection. But before you spring for the Walmart warranty, install the Mulberry extension so you can see what low-cost MulberryCare protection plans are available. You'll also earn cash back on you Walmart car seat purchase when you shop with the Mulberry extension!

Costco car seat

Not everyone has a Costco membership, but purchasing an all-in-one car seat through a wholesale club like Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's can really save you some money. They have members-only pricing, which means great discounts for you. The only caveat with a Costco car seat purchase is that they have a very limited selection and may not carry a lot of brands, unlike options for Walmart car seats. But when you can snag one, a Costco car seat is usually the best-priced. Bonus - you'll earn cash back on your Costco car seat purchase too if you have the Mulberry extension.  

Protect your all-in-one car seat investment

Whether you choose a higher-priced car seat like the Maxi Cosi car seat or Diono car seat, or you find a more affordable option at Walmart or Costco, it’s still a big purchase for your family. A lot of all-in-one car seat models can last a family 7+ years, so protect your car seat from the inevitable wear and tear that it’ll go through. Get an extended warranty through Mulberry and you'll ensure your car seat will remain functional for years to come.

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