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Extended protection plans to protect you from everyday mishaps

The language in warranties might as well be another language, and making big purchases can be stressful enough without feeling like you need to decipher a code. Extended protection plans are written to sound complicated, but they’re really not (shh!). That’s why Mulberry is here to break it down for you in plain English, so that the next time your purchase decision is not based on the thought of how long will the product last.

Real simple: What is an extended protection plan?
It’s an add-on purchase that extends the length and quality of the protection on the item you just bought. That’s it.

Okay. So why do I want to offer that to my customers?
The better question is why would you not want to offer that to your customers?! For your customers, it is a nominal cost as compared to the expensive products they are investing in and for you, it is an instant source of revenue. In addition, offering extended protection is a great way to build brand loyalty and trust with your customers. Aside from an enhanced brand experience, Mulberry also makes integration into your online store fast, seamless and effortless, so you start seeing increased profit margins right away. Finally, data shows that customers are twice as likely to buy something from the same place again in the future if they are offered an extended protection plan. Wouldn’t you just love that! It’s a win for both.

And as a smart, savvy customer, why would I want to buy one for myself?
Three words: peace of mind. The manufacturer’s protection often only covers you for 90 days, and only covers defects or malfunctions already in the product, meaning if you accidentally damage it, or it breaks on day 91, you’re on your own. Instead of hassling yourself or dealing with the manufacturer, all you have to do is file a claim online and Mulberry will take care of the rest. And if Mulberry cannot repair the damage, they will replace your product!

Why is Mulberry the right provider for me?
Mulberry is the industry’s first fully managed technology platform powering extended protection programs for every retailer. We make offering and purchasing extended coverage a breeze through an intuitive user experience and easy-to-understand plans. Basically, all you have to do is add the Mulberry plugin, and then see the additional revenue and loyal customers floating in.

What Sets Mulberry Apart:

1. We’ve built a suite of plugins and API’s that allow our retailers to launch a program in less than a day, with minimum technical resources. Leave the nerdy stuff to us.
2. Our platform is fully managed, so it’s a one-stop-shop for all your warranty needs.
3. We can add products or change design details in real time. Like magic.
4. We focus on creating the best experience for your customers by combining the lowest possible warranty prices with a with a design that’s aligned with your brand image and style
5. We are backed by the same venture capital investors as category-defining companies like Uber, Venmo, and Netflix. Heavy. Hitters.

In conclusion, we know extended protection plans can be a headache to research and implement for your business or yourself. But we’ve always got your back with amazing resources and industry experts at the ready. Let Mulberry break down the complicated parts and handle the details, so you can get back to what you do best.

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Mulberry is creating a better product protection experience for retailers and consumers. Mulberry’s people-first platform offers better coverage, a great claims experience, and flexible integrations to deliver best-in-class protection for shoppers and an easy-to-launch revenue channel for retailers.

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