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Don't Let Mishaps Dull Your Sparkle!

Whether you sell diamond engagement rings, pearl necklaces, precious or semi-precious gemstones, or even costume jewelry, there is a great deal of time and effort spent designing and manufacturing jewelry. Any defect or damage can prove to be a costly affair for both your customers and you.

This is  where extended warranties come in handy. Your customers can protect their jewelry for the next five years if they choose to get an extended protection and they can add this protection to jewelry costing up to $20,000. If they do the math, it is a relatively small price to pay for the coverage and peace of mind that comes along with purchasing an extended warranty.

But what does an extended warranty actually cover? Here's a list:

1. Broken chains or clasps:

Often, when a customer tries to wear a necklace, he or she ends up with a broken or kinked clasp. When this happens, the customer is left with little option but to swap the chain or to wear the pendant with a different chain. Extended warranties cover these as well as broken chains and bracelets. So, the next time you break a piece of jewelry, you can get it repaired instead of having it collect dust in your jewelry box.

2. Lost center diamonds or scratched gemstones:

When customers purchase jewelry, the last thing they want is a scratch on the diamond or a crack or chip on a gem. An extended warranty protects customers from such damage and offers repair and replacement services in case something goes wrong. In addition to this, customers are also protected against lost center diamonds or gemstones if they are due to defects in mounting or workmanship.

3. Broken prongs or shanks:

When there's a broken or worn out prong, it can loosen the stone setting and when a prong breaks, customers can lose the gemstones or diamonds. Moreover, if there's a broken shank, the ring is rendered completely useless, as manufacturers do not cover these defects. The extended warranty has you covered in these cases.

4. Resizing and restringing:

Apart from damages and defects, extended warranties also cover resizing of one ring and a one-time replacement of pearls.

Best of all, there are no deductibles and no extra costs associated once your customers purchase the extended warranty. We also cover all the shipping costs and offer repair or replacement options.

If you're interested in offering extended warranties to your customers, reach out to us at Mulberry.

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