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Here’s Why You Need to Sell Extended Warranties on Furniture

Many online furniture retailers are looking to extended warranties to boost their ecomm business strategy and increase sales.

As a furniture retailer, you promise the highest level of craftsmanship—and ensure this quality by offering to protect your customers from manufacturer's defects—but sometimes, accidents happen.

If you're looking to elevate your ecomm business strategy and find unique ways to increase revenue and AOV, one simple way to do this is to offer extended warranties to your customers. 

Common reasons customers purchase product protection for furniture


Accidental stains or spills

Your customers may spill drinks on their sofas or their kids may drop food on their dining chairs. An extended warranty covers accidental damage from stains, including makeup, crayons, pizza sauce, and red wine.

Mishaps and breaks

A small burn or a fabric rip can be an expensive fix for your customers, especially when these damages are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The same holds true for any structural breakdowns or bending of metal springs. Extended warranties protect your customers from these damages, as well as any seam separations or broken zippers.


Chipping or cracking

Furniture coverage also applies to wood-veneered or plastic-laminated tables and chairs. Your customers are protected from chipping, lifting, peeling, heat marks, and liquid watermarks. Depending on the damage, an extended warranty provider will have the furniture repaired or replaced.


Longer Lifespan

When you sell your furniture, most customers expect it to last for a considerable period. Unlike the manufacturer's warranty—which lasts from 6 months to 1 year—an extended warranty provides coverage for up to 5 years, or it could provide unlimited coverage in the case of Mulberry Unlimited. With an extended warranty, your customers can enjoy the dining set they purchased from you without worrying about accidental damages.

Offer Furniture Extended Warranties with Mulberry

Mulberry is the selected warranty provider for leaders in furniture retail like Houzz and Poly & Bark. We create an excellent customer experience that requires no upkeep from retailers. 

  • We take care of the risk and servicing.
  • We provide 24/7 retailer and consumer assistance.
  • We provide customers a personal digital dashboard to view plans and and manage claims online at anytime.

Get in touch with our team to offer industry leading protection for your furniture retail business.

Ready to offer protection to your customers? Partner with Mulberry


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