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How to choose a cast iron skillet

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Have you ever looked around your kitchen, only to notice that you have dozens of pots and pans that each serve a different purpose? While one pan might be perfectly sized to fry an egg, another might be best for cooking a steak. But what if there was one pan that could do it all? Fortunately, there is–the cast iron skillet. When it comes to pots and pans, a cast iron skillet is really the jack of all trades. And while most pans gradually wear out with time and use, your cast iron skillet will only get better by the day.

A quality, well-maintained cast iron skillet can last not only throughout your lifetime, but for generations to come–so it’s worth choosing the best. This is also where product protection can come in handy. With an extended warranty plan, you can make sure your cast iron skillet is there whenever you need it, without having to pay for expensive repair or replacement costs. A Mulberry Unlimited subscription provides coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan, so you'll always have peace of mind.

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What cast iron skillets are worth the most money?

If you’ve spent any time shopping for a cast iron skillet, you’ve probably noticed that there’s quite a range when it comes to price. While you can find a Lodge cast iron skillet for less than $20 online, other brands, such as Staub and Le Creuset, are considerably more expensive. So which brands are worth the extra money? Let’s take a look:

  • Lodge cast iron skillet.  Lodge undoubtedly makes some of the most affordable cast iron skillets on the market. The company has been in the cast iron business for more than 100 years, and it shows. In fact, if properly maintained, these skillets can last for generations. So why are Lodge cast iron skillets so much cheaper than many of their competitors? It’s partly because they’re bare, or uncoated with enamel. While these skillets aren’t the most aesthetically-pleasing (they’re a simple solid black), Lodge cast iron skillets are undoubtedly the best bang you can get for your buck.
  • Staub cast iron skillet. Staub is a French cookware brand that's well respected in the world of cast iron. Covered in a smooth and shiny ceramic coating, Staub cast iron skillets come in a range of gorgeous hues, from white to turquoise and fire engine red. These skillets range in price from $190 to $220, depending on size and color.
  • Le Creuset cast iron skillet. When it comes to the world of cast iron, Le Creuset is undoubtedly the cream of the crop, and the perfect marriage of both form and function. Le Creuset is a French company that manufactures their cast iron with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, and if properly maintained, they can last for generations. Although learning to cook with Le Creuset cast iron skillets requires a learning curve (it’s easy to burn your food until you understand how it retains heat), any seasoned chef will affirm that Le Creuset cast iron skillets cook food extremely evenly, and most would agree it’s worth the investment. Le Creuset cast iron is coated in enamel and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, so it’s as pretty as it is functional. Le Creuset cast iron skillets range from $175 to $250, depending on the size you choose.

Although we haven’t covered them here, Wagner Ware and Griswold cast iron skillets are also names you’ll hear as you’re shopping for your new skillet. Although these companies no longer produce cast iron, it’s still possible to find their products on eBay if you look hard enough. However, these pieces are rare and can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

What is the best-made cast iron skillet?

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best-made cast iron skillet, it’s hard to beat the beauty and quality of Le Creuset (although Staub is a close second!). However, if you’re a new cook or you’re hoping to spend significantly less, a Lodge cast iron skillet will also last for generations and is a great buy.

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