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The best speakers to use outdoors

Man and two women sitting in a park listening to music on a blue outdoor speaker

Listening to music outdoors on a summer afternoon sounds like pure bliss to most people. But having the right speakers can make all the difference. There is a lot to consider, like should you buy a small portable item, or pick speakers to install in your outdoor space? You may also be wondering what to do with outdoor speakers in the colder or wet wintery months.

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This article is your complete guide to choosing an outdoor speaker that works for your needs.

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Can you leave outdoor speakers outside in the winter?

Most outdoor speakers that are designed to be installed on a porch, deck, or in a garden are fully weatherproof, so you can leave them out all year. However, you'll want to check with your specific item, especially those that may be installed on or under the ground. When it comes to your portable or waterproof speaker, its best to keep it indoors during the cold months.

What are good multi-purpose speakers?

In the list below, we outline a few hanging speaker options that are suitable for extreme cold weather.

Sonos outdoor speakers

Sonos is a reliable name in the speaker industry, and their set of outdoor speakers can be installed on a deck or porch to provide a surround sound experience for outdoor listening. Able to withstand the elements with solid weatherproofing, this is a strong option for customers living in all climates, from warm and humid to freezing. These come at a high price point, however, at $879 for the pair.

Bose outdoor speakers

Bose also offers an outdoor wall mount speaker option that can withstand snow, rain, and other extreme temperatures. They can function in temperatures from -22 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 140 degrees. Plus, they come at a lower price of $398 for the pair.

Sonance outdoor speakers

Sonance’s Landscape Series is a full system that allows you to install speakers into the ground across a large outdoor space. With hidden subwoofers and disguised speaker equipment, these sets are ideal for large properties with multiple areas of listening. Plus, their Garden and Patio Series allow you to adapt your speaker system to the space you have. Depending on the set you choose, these will come at a higher price point, usually falling above the $1,000 mark.

Klipsch outdoor speakers

Offering a wide variety, similar to Sonance, Klipsch has various series' of outdoor speakers created to either mount on a deck, disguise as rocks, embed within a garden or landscape, and more. They even offer the added option to develop a custom speaker that fits your direct needs and landscape appearance. Considering they may cover the same range of needs as the Sonance collections, they come at a lower price point, below $1,000.

What are the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers?

Ultimate Ears

This brand offers reliable, compact, and portable speakers that are waterproof and can be taken to pools, beaches, and on other adventures without any second thought. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is the most budget-friendly option, at less than $100 in some colors on Amazon.

JBL outdoor speakers

Like Ultimate Ears, JBL offers a range of options when it comes to portable waterproof speakers. Depending on your budget, you can find a mini speaker for as low as $50 in the JBL Go 3. The fun colors and compact design make these speakers easy to toss in a bag for a hike or beach day.

Get protection with Mulberry

When you go to buy your outdoor speakers, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get all your items covered under the same product protection plan. Larger purchases like outdoor speakers are expensive, and you don't want to be left without protection in case of an accident or damage. are protected. Use Mulberry to shop smart.

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