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Protect your outdoor living space with extended warranties

outdoor living space with fire pit

For many people, the warm summer months can't come soon enough. When it's finally time to enjoy outdoor gatherings, have your outdoor living space dialed in so you can make the most of those sunny months. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor wall fountain, some additions to your outdoor grill station, or a new stone fire pit, adding an extended warranty plan to your purchases is always a smart idea.

Not only can an extended warranty provide peace of mind when you invest in an expensive product, it can save you hundreds on costly repairs or replacements down the road. Before you shop for new outdoor living space enhancements, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited so you'll get comprehensive product protection for almost all your online purchases.

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

What are good outdoor living upgrades?

Here are a few popular outdoor living upgrades that are eligible for extended warranties:

Stone fire pit

Whether you’re excited to roast hot dogs or you have a hankering for s'mores (who doesn't), a stone fire pit is one of the best additions you can make to your backyard. Any fire pit, really! While outdoor fireplace kits can be expensive, especially when you add in fire pit chairs and a fire pit cover, and depending on the quality and type you choose, fortunately they're eligible for extended warranties.

Before purchasing your fire pit, do your research about which brands of fire pits come with manufacturer’s warranties, whether or not you’ll have the option to purchase an extended warranty plan, and what the plan covers. For example, while companies like Solo Stove and Home Depot both offer warranties for fire pits, the prices and coverage vary. An extended warranty can be especially valuable if you choose a gas fire pit option.

Outdoor grill station

If you enjoy entertaining, spending time cooking outdoors, or you’re simply a fan of grilled food, investing in an outdoor grill station can be a game-changer. However, outdoor grill stations can be pricey, starting around a thousand dollars (for something very basic) to upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, most outdoor grill stations are eligible for extended warranties–just be sure to do your research before purchasing to make sure you’re getting not only the best deal, but the best coverage. Mulberry Unlimited offers accidental damage protection for everything from your grilling station to your outdoor kitchen appliances.

Outdoor wall fountain

Installing an outdoor wall fountain is a great way to add some ambiance to your space, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility. As with the other items on this list, they can also be expensive. Ranging from a couple hundred dollars to thousands depending on the type you’re interested in, outdoor wall fountains are an item you’ll want to protect with an extended warranty plan.

From pipe breakages to storm damage, an outdoor wall fountain is an item prone to deterioration, so you’ll want to look for an extended warranty plan that covers more than manufacturer and workmanship defects.

What should you look for when choosing an extended warranty?

When you’re trying to find an extended warranty protection plan for your outdoor equipment and decor, the best thing you can do is conduct thorough research to find not only the lowest price, but the best product coverage. This often means looking beyond the warranty plans provided by the product manufacturer which are short-term and offer limited coverage.

Another tip is to make sure you read the fine print before choosing an extended warranty. While many extended warranty plans might seem like good options at first, watch for phrases like “excludes accidental coverage” or restrictions that could make the warranty void. Not all extended warranty providers really have your best interest at heart, overcharging you for underwhelming coverage.

That's why we're here. Mulberry offers quality extended warranty coverage at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Mulberry Unlimited exists to make sure you can protect everything you buy online with affordable product protection, saving you money now and down the road. Did we mention you'll never pay any deductibles or service fees when you file a claim? Mulberry is different than the other warranty companies out there.

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