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Drive incremental revenue for e-commerce retail brands

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, there is always an opportunity for growth. Some ecommerce business owners try numerous marketing campaigns and social media strategies in hopes to increase sales, but with minimal results. However, there are a few secret that even the world’s biggest companies are using to increase profits by up to 50 percent.

There’s no doubt that you’re already very familiar with upselling. You may even have your website automated to offer consumers a more expensive version of any given product in an effort to increase sales. Yet, not many are familiar with so many other options, including cross-selling to increase consumer buying. These techniques are much different in that they include something that consumers might not realize they needed. For example, a customer might not be interested in a more expensive smartphone, but they will certainly go for a case to protect the lesser priced one in their shopping cart. Cross-selling adds value to a product or service that your consumers are already purchasing.

Cross-selling options
One option for cross-selling is by offering related products. As mentioned above, an example might be protective case if you are selling smartphones. Another example would be a visibility vest for those purchasing a bike helmet.

Complementary products
Another option is a complementary products – items that go directly with a primary product. These complementary products might even be essential to make the product work such as batteries for a toy or paper for a printer. Finally,

Offer services
Perhaps the most profitable of all cross-selling options is a service. If you are a product-based business you may think you don’t have services to sell, however, you can easily add extended warranties that not only build consumer trust and loyalty, but are hugely profitable.

Lastly, bundles are a great way to cross-sell. As the name entails, products are grouped together to make for a complete product package. For example, a protective case, screen protector and headphones might come with a smartphone purchase.

Are these techniques worth the effort?
Frankly, the reason so many major retailers use the above techniques is because it generates profits with very little effort. It’s easy to add cross-selling to your ecommerce store through Shopify in just a few clicks.

What are the advantages?
In essence, increasing your customer’s average order size means consumers are no longer buying just one thing.  These techniques ensure that they are more likely to add another. It seamlessly increases profits without customers feeling as though they are being sold to. In fact, in many cases, consumers feel as though they are the ones making the decision to add on any given product or service. Even better? You gain customer loyalty, which means every time they shop from you, they are more likely to spend more.

Get Started with Mulberry
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