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Tips to ensure your ecommerce site gets better conversions

The amount of businesses satisfied with their website conversion rates is strikingly low. According to recent data gathered by HubSpot, only 22% of businesses are happy with the way their site turns visitors into paying customers. In a modern society where ecommerce is booming, that statistic is significant. Clearly, not all marketing efforts are transforming visitors into paying consumers. The following is a checklist to ensure your ecommerce site is getting better conversions.  

First Impressions
Your home page is the first stop for your visitors. It should have the power to hook them immediately. Beyond that, the two key principles to a great user experience on your website are: an attractive site and one that is easy to use.

Far too often ecommerce sites tend to be one or the other. While some may easily grab attention, basic factors are missing. Navigation should be clean, easy, and visually appealing while displaying a powerful message or sense of urgency to appeal to your consumer’s emotions. It should anticipate your customers’ needs by making information easy to find and simple.

Enjoyable Experience
Whether potential customers are visiting your site from their laptop or their mobile device, the experience should be easy and enjoyable. According to Outerbox, over half of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device, so it’s extremely important that your website is enjoyable for users visiting on any given platform. When creating your site, always keep user expectations and UX a top priority.

Viewing and Buying
Product pages are arguably the most important part of your website, so be sure they stand out.  Use high resolution images and even add virtual reality when possible. Making your products look as interesting and easy to access as possible, can make all the difference. You may also want to make product reviews prominent on your site to help potential buyers see how satisfied other customers are with their purchases.

Checkout Process
Once your customers have made the decision to buy, the checkout process should be as seamless as possible. After your customers have converted to customers, you don’t want anything to stand in their way. You may even want to consider having a faster checkout process for frequent or returning customers.  While every additional step at the checkout process could give your buyers an excuse to exit, it’s never a bad idea to upsell a product or service that could increase sales and add value to the product. Offering an extended warranty from Mulberry at the checkout process is a great way to show your customers you care about their purchase and build customer loyalty.

Be Reachable
Whether or not your customer has made a purchase from your ecommerce site, let them know they can easily contact customer support. Being able to reach an actual human being can make a huge difference in the way your customers perceive your brand.

When it comes to ensuring your ecommerce site offers the best possible conversion rates, take the time to understand what your visitors need and do your best to provide it while exceeding their expectations.

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Amanda Caswell

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Amanda is an experienced writer with a bachelors degree in Creative Writing from NYU. She is also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American School of Nutrition & Personal Training.

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