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Nomatic Bolsters CX Capabilities with a Product Protection Partner

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Finding ways to better take care of customers who were reaching out for support when accidents happened



Founded in Sandy, Utah in 2014, Nomatic is on a mission to create products that inspire people to live life on the move. Starting with just a few wallets on-site, Nomatic has become one of the fastest growing ecommerce retailers and provides customers with the most durable, functional travel gear on the market.


Nomatic had always invested heavily in building high-quality, durable products, and ensuring customers could feel confident that their Nomatic bags would last for years. “Nomatic offers a lifetime warranty on everything on-site, which is really important to show customers that we stand by the quality of our products,” explains Russell Steed, Online Revenue & Marketing Manager at Nomatic.

But even with their lifetime warranty in place, as a brand built around encouraging people to live an active lifestyle, Nomatic’s Customer Experience team often got support requests from people who needed more comprehensive coverage. “Customers would reach out with issues like spills, burn marks, stains, and other accidents that damaged their products,” Steed said. “We wanted to be able to take care of our customers in those situations, but it just wasn’t realistic for us to be able to pay for and support all of these extracurricular requests.” Nomatic wanted to provide their customers coverage for those accidents.

“We never want to turn a customer away when they reach out for help, but no matter how durable our products are, accidents happen and it can be a huge challenge for our customer experience team to take care of our customers in those situations.”

- Russell Steed, Online Revenue & Marketing Manager


Nomatic partnered with Mulberry to offer accidental damage protection on all of their products on-site. The program is integrated seamlessly into the checkout process, allowing Nomatic customers to purchase comprehensive protection against burns, spills, pet accidents, and more for up to five years. “Working with the Mulberry team was really easy,” said Steed. “We have a custom store and a lot of custom code but Mulberry was able to figure out solutions for all of the intricacies with our website.”

Once customers checkout with their protection plan, they are automatically registered and protected by Mulberry. If any issues arise, customers can file claims with just a few clicks through Mulberry’s user-friendly customer portal. best-in-class customer experience team. Mulberry will process the claim, coordinate all repairs or replacements, and ensure a delightful resolution for the customer. “A high level of service and communication was very important for us at Nomatic,” said Steed. “If there’s an issue, Mulberry jumps on it to take care of the customer and take stress off of the Nomatic team.”


From the moment the program launched, Mulberry has been available to handle customer issues ranging from broken wheels to torn bags. When protected customers reach out to Nomatic regarding an accident, Nomatic’s CX team can simply direct the customer to Mulberry to take care of them. To date, Mulberry has approved nearly 100% of claims by Nomatic customers. “We felt badly when we had to turn somebody away because they spilled coffee in their messenger bag or their dog peed on their carry-on,” said Steed. “With Mulberry we’re able to take care of all of those customers and give them a great experience.”

Nomatic continues to work closely with the Mulberry team to improve attachment rates and provide additional coverage to more customers. “Customers are happy that we’re offering them this extra protection and it allows us to deliver even more value to them without burdening our CX team with more requests or expenses,” said Steed. Leveraging recommendations from Mulberry’s partner success team, within 6 months Nomatic customers were purchasing accident protection 2X times more frequently than they were when the program first launched.

“We’re a small team and Mulberry does a great job of making our life easier. As a brand, you don’t need more things to worry about, you just need things to work. Mulberry does a great job of helping take care of our customers when they’re in tough situations.”

- Russell Steed, Online Revenue & Marketing Manager

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