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Poly & Bark Enhances the Customer Experience with a Product Protection Partner

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Finding a partner who could match Poly & Bark's high standards of customer care



Poly & Bark was founded in 2016 with the mission to bring beautifully designed, high-quality furniture to the public at affordable prices. Poly & Bark has pursued this mission by prioritizing their customers, offering them value and top quality service to help them purchase furniture online with more peace of mind.

This customer-centric approach has helped Poly & Bark establish itself as a leading direct to consumer furniture brand. Poly & Bark now sells hundreds of different furniture pieces online and has built a loyal base of thousands of well-cared-for customers. 


Poly & Bark had been exploring offering long-term product protection to their customers as a way to provide better options for long-term customer satisfaction. “Product protection is a great way to give our customers additional confidence and peace of mind, especially when they’re making a large investment in high quality furniture,” said Monica Downey, Head of Customer Experience at Poly & Bark.

As they explored potential product protection partnerships, it became clear that launching a program was not as simple as finding the lowest rates on product protection and offering those plans to customers. “For a customer-centric business like us, choosing partners to work with can be a challenge,” said Downey. “Any negative experience our customers have with our partners will be associated with Poly & Bark.” Poly & Bark needed to find a partner who could deliver high-quality coverage to their customers, but also shared their values and met their high standards for customer care.

“A successful product protection partnership is one where our customers feel like they’ve gotten value with their protection plan and that they have someone they can rely on if something goes wrong. As such, we wanted to ensure our customers were getting the best coverage possible and that we were working with a partner who genuinely cared about them as much as we do.”

- Monica Downey, Head of Customer Experience


Poly & Bark partnered with Mulberry to offer comprehensive accident protection on products across their ecommerce site. The plans protect customers for up to 5 years against product defects, stains, rips, liquid damage, and more.

Mulberry’s plans are seamlessly integrated into the customer journey, making it easy and intuitive for Poly & Bark customers to learn about the protection program, select their preferred plan, and add the protection to their cart without interrupting their checkout flow. “We loved that Mulberry’s technology was easy to integrate onto our website, but we’ve been even happier with how intuitive the Mulberry widgets have been for our customers looking to add protection,” Downey said.

Poly & Bark customers who purchase accident protection get access to Mulberry’s best-in-class customer service and rapid claims resolutions. From the moment customers check out with their protection plan, they’re automatically registered and provided with a portal where they can easily view details for their protection plan and file claims. The claims filing process blends automation with dedicated human to human interaction to ensure that all Poly & Bark customers get a speedy, and more importantly, delightful, resolution to their claims.


Within a few short weeks of launching with Mulberry, customers began to take notice of the new protection program and the benefits that came with it. By their second month running the program, Poly & Bark had more than doubled the number of customers who purchased accident protection along with their products compared to the initial launch.

For those customers filing claims on their protection plan, Mulberry’s intuitive technology and support team have been there 24/7 to help. “The Mulberry team feels like an extension of the Poly & Bark team.” Downey said. “When Mulberry is working with one of our customers, we know the customer will be taken care of just as if they were working with our team directly.” For each claim, Mulberry works out a resolution customized to that customer’s preferences ranging from fast product replacements and cash payouts to rapid repairs, cleanings, and easy-to-use stain kits. Since the program was launched, Mulberry has approved and resolved over 90% of claims by Poly & Bark customers.

“There’s no incremental cost for retailers to run a product protection program and it provides a lot of value to customers. At the end of the day, if you’re a customer-centric retailer, there is no reason not to be running a product protection program with Mulberry.”

- Monica Downey, Head of Customer Experience

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