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Looking for a Guitar Center repair shop?

In our fast-paced world, we are often quick to dispose of products that encounter even the slightest damage or malfunction. However, replacements are expensive and that can negatively affect your budget over time. There's an alternative approach that not only saves money but also reduces waste: getting your products repaired. Repairing items not only helps extend their lifespan, but also promotes sustainability by minimizing the need for new purchases. Check out these eco-friendly products that help the environment, and your wallet.

If you purchased your products from Guitar Center, it likely came with a standard Guitar Center warranty, which covers things like manufacturing defects, malfunctions, and repairs. These warranties typically require you to take your products to the store in order to get it repaired.

While there are Guitar Center locations across the country, you can find the one nearest you by searching “Guitar Center near me." For example, if you’re located in zip code 10452, you can find the closest Guitar Center by searching “Guitar Center 10452." Getting your products repaired at a location approved under Guitar Center warranty will help ensure it not only gets fixed properly, but that the work is high quality.

Taking the time to fix your products can make a significant difference in helping you save money, reduce waste, and extend the lifespan of your purchases. Don’t let extended warranty coverage (or lack thereof) be the reason why you aren’t able to repair your items. When you sign up for Mulberry Unlimited, you’ll get accidental damage coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. Mulberry Unlimited includes up to $2,500 in damages annually and you can file unlimited claims - you won’t be left on the hook for expensive repair or replacement costs ever again.