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What Is a Protection Plan?

Product protection plans go by many names: product service plans, extended service contracts, extended warranties, and more.

No matter what they’re called, they all refer to the same type of offering: a service plan that provides consumers with product coverage beyond a standard manufacturer warranty.

What is a manufacturer warranty and what does it cover?

Manufacturer warranties provide a guarantee that the manufacturer will cover product defects or other quality issues. These warranties typically have limitations, such as the timeframe and types of product issues covered, and requirements, such as registration upon purchase.

How does this compare to extended warranties or product protection plans?

Product protection plans typically offer coverage for unexpected product issues, including defects, malfunctions, and accidents, for time periods longer than standard manufacturer warranties. This is particularly helpful for taking care of costly repairs and replacements if an issue comes up.

Unlike manufacturer warranties, product protection plans come at an additional cost that the consumer pays for on top of their purchase price. Businesses often partner with product protection companies in order to offer these types of plans to customers when purchasing high value products like electronics, furniture, and cars.

How do I know what a product protection plan covers?

Specific coverage can vary significantly between product protection plans, and the process for filing and handling claims can be pretty different depending on the company servicing those plans.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a plan or have already purchased one, you should be able to access the plan’s terms and conditions to read all the details. But if you don’t want to comb through fine print, you can hopefully find coverage highlights during the checkout process or in a warranty customer dashboard.


If you’re an existing Mulberry customer, you can log into your customer dashboard here to see all of your plans, coverage details, and claims status. You can also reach out to our customer service team right from your dashboard with any additional questions.

Product protection plans can offer significant coverage benefits to provide you the peace of mind that your products will last long term, especially when it comes to preparing for those messy, everyday accidents.

This article was originally published August 2018 and updated June 2021.

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