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The best sites to save money on workout supplements

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Supplements have become a core feature in the fitness industry. Whether you're a body builder looking to perfect your physique or just getting started and aiming to meet some major strength or weight loss goals, fitness professionals vouch for the positive effect supplements can have.

As you protect your body with these supplements, it's just as important to protect your purchases with product protection. When you shop with the Mulberry browser extension, you're able to view all the protection plans available for your items, meaning you never have to worry about going without them, or being left on the hook for expensive repair or replacement costs.

What are some popular supplements that customers love?

Nutritionists and trainers will have varying perspectives, and of course supplement choices depend on the individual. But these are some well-loved options:

  • Best workout supplements for weight loss. People see benefits from green powders that help with metabolization, Omega-3s which boost insulin sensitivity, and BCAAs which can indirectly help with weight loss.
  • Best workout supplements for strength. Creatine is among the top supplements in this category, as it increases strength and muscle mass. In addition, fitness gurus encourage a high protein intake for those looking to build muscle mass, and protein powder can help with this as well. These options are the best workout supplements for men and women alike.

Where to shop for your supplements to save money

These supplements can have a high price tag, and as products that may become part of your daily diet, the bill can rack up over time. With thousands of brands on the market, it can be a mess to compare prices and quality.

Bodybuilding.com store

Bodybuilding.com offers 15% off your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter. Plus, they offer BOGO sales where you can buy one product and get the second one up to 75% off. Their inventory covers all types of supplements from protein to weight loss, vitamins, and performance. With a variety of brands available, they're a great source to find the exact products that fit your needs at a reasonable price.


This provider offers major sales and deals, including a twice a year Buy One Get One 50% sale, and additional markdowns of up to 80%. They also offer the option to buy in bulk, which is a great way to save money once you have found a product that you love and that works for you. GNC pre-workout offers variety as well, with different flavors, intensities, and creatine options to help you boost your performance.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe offers a variety of BOGO sales, and allow you to shop for items under $9.99 or $30 to fit any budget limit. Their supplements go beyond those for working out, and include items for overall digestion and gut health, skin, and herbal and natural remedies. With dozens of options, the Vitamin Shoppe inventory can help you build muscle fast by picking a brand that suits you.

Supplement Warehouse

This site offers 10% off your first order when you subscribe to their email list, in addition to offering coupons via email. Supplement Warehouse provides free shipping for orders over $99 and has hundreds of brands categorized by your goals, whether they be weight loss, bulking, or anything in between.

Protect you purchases with Mulberry

We love helping customers make the right financial choices when they shop. Be sure to install the Mulberry browser extension to check if you’re eligible for three months of free product protection on anything you buy!

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