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How to make Walmart Marketplace work for you

Smartphone displaying the Walmart Marketplace logo

Amazon isn’t the only website you can turn to when you need to access limitless options and items. Today, Walmart Marketplace offers a competitive range of options and is home to tons of great items and inventory.

But in a marketplace of this size, how can you be sure you're getting the best experience while also utilizing all of the tools and features to the max? In this article, we will cover how to get the most of the Walmart Marketplace from both a buyer and a seller perspective.

As always, remember to shop with the Mulberry browser extension to ensure you're getting the best deal on your items. Whether you're shopping for materials to create your next product, or searching for the perfect gift, Mulberry has you covered with product protection plans, rewards, and more.

How to have the best customer experience

Walmart Fulfillment Services—referred to as WFS—offers immense benefits to sellers who don’t want to store and fulfill orders within their own warehouse. With the WFS program, sellers can pay a fee to have Walmart store their items in existing warehouses.

Purchasing items that are housed and fulfilled by Walmart directly means you're getting reliable, fast services. The items in the WFS program are identified by labels that indicate they are "Fulfilled by Walmart" which ensures the validity of the products. When you choose these selected items, you will benefit from:

Walmart Seller Central

When you open a marketplace account and become a seller, you'll set up the details of each item in the Walmart Seller Central, including item names, categories, images, and prices. In order to ensure your items rank successfully in the marketplace search, it is essential to optimize your listings using tools like:

  • Strategic product names of 50-75 characters.
  • Clear, crisp images on a white background.
  • Keyword-rich product descriptions.

Walmart Connection Center

The Walmart Connection Center allows sellers to access more customers through effective advertising and customer interactions. The Walmart Connection Center ensures that your items rank in the search results for customer inquiries, and will also list your item as a suggested ad on related searches.


Deliverr is a third-party service that partners with Walmart.com. It allows sellers to speed up their fulfillment times and offers free, 2-day shipping. They cover the complete fulfillment process, including storing, picking, packing, and shipping across their more than 80 warehouses nationwide. As a seller, you simply pay for a Deliverr account, which then lets you benefit from increased rankings, reviews, and customer satisfaction as a result.

Why is Walmart Marketplace an unbeatable opportunity?

Selling with Walmart Marketplace gives your brand validity and can increase your reach to an ever-growing pool of customers. Those who shop at Walmart trust the brand and its recommendations, and by having your products represented on their website, you gain that same customer trust. Their vetting process helps customers know products are of the promised quality, and the reputation of the company lets buyers know they will be supported with exceptional customer service if they are unhappy with an item upon receipt.

Install Mulberry’s free browser extension so you can learn about the protection plans available for your items in real time as you shop, earn rewards, and even qualify for free protection.

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