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The best ways to curl your hair without any heat

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Although not many people have naturally curly hair, it's still a glamorous look that everyone wants to achieve. This means that for generations, women especially have been developing tricks and habits to achieve this highly desirable hair style.

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So, how can you achieve the sought after look of voluminous curls without using damaging tools that leave your hair burnt and dry? Let’s take a look.

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How to curl my hair without heat?

There are actually many heat-free tools you can use to achieve the hairstyle you're after, most of which employ some kind of hair rollers, which train the hair to stay in a particular shape. Two common types are Velcro rollers and foam rollers.

  • Velcro hair rollers. These are plastic cylinders that have a layer of Velcro on the outside. This way, the tiny hooks in the Velcro material latch onto your hair to hold it in place without the need for any clips. These rollers help with volume and should be applied to dry hair, with lots of hair spray.
  • Foam hair rollers. These come in a variety of sizes, to create tight or loose curls. You can apply them to wet or dry hair, depending on how tight you want the curls (wet hair will hold tighter curls). Twist small sections of hair around each curler and let it sit for a few hours, before removing them to see the curl pattern appear. You can even consider sleeping on the curlers.

How can I curl my hair without a curling machine or roller?

If you want to curl your hair by avoiding heat, and even avoiding rollers, you still have some options available. Here are a few strategies you can try:

  • Braids. Having braids in your hair can help imprint a curl pattern. When your hair is wet, put it in multiple braids or French braids, sleep on it, and take the braids out when your hair is dry for maximum tight curl.
  • Twists. Twists allow you to spin your hair around soft items, even things like paper towels or toilet paper, in small sections, almost acting as a curler so your hair gets the impression of a curl pattern.
  • Curling ribbons. These have gone viral on TikTok, and they are a U-shaped foam band that you can twist your hair around, so it sits on two sides of your head. This option produces strong results, and you can sleep with your hair in position to make sure it sets.

Can heatless hair rollers damage hair?

Although you may be seeking these alternative options to avoid hair damage, heatless hair curlers do still have the potential to cause damage to your hair by being rolled too tight. This can lead to breakage and brittle hair if it is not carefully tended to. Plus, the Velcro in some roller options can pull hair apart and lead to breakage.

What are some ways to curl hair without damaging it?

If you want to avoid damage at all costs, rollers for hair might not be your number one alternative to heat tools. The safest options to ensure you sidestep any damage or harm is to use a heatless hair curling ribbon or wear braids in your wet hair. These are the gentlest options that are the least invasive when compared to rollers or hot curling irons.

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