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The top differences between a curling iron and a curling wand

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With dozens of hair styling tools online, understanding the differences between them and which ones work best for your hair can be tricky–and the last thing you want is to buy more tools than you’ll actually use!

Curling wands and curling irons are two of the most popular curl tools for hair. But what’s the difference, and do you really need both? Regardless of which one you choose, the need for product protection remains the same. By subscribing to Mulberry Unlimited, you can get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. When you protect your purchases, you're able to save money to spend on the things you really want.

Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between curling wands and curling irons and the advantages of each:

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Curling wand vs. curling iron: What's the difference?

Although curling wands and curling irons might look pretty similar at first glance (both have long, tube-shaped irons and handles), there is one noticeable difference between the two: while curling irons have a clamp, curling wands do not. Since curling irons have a clamp, they tend to produce longer lasting curls. This is because clamping the hair traps it between two hot surfaces, making a more powerful curl. Clamping the hair also creates strong tension, leading to a more secure curl.

On the other hand, because curling wands do not have a clamp, they cannot create the same level of tension that curling irons can. This results in looser, more casual curls.

Advantages of a curling wand

Here are some of the top advantages of using a curling wand:

  • No clamp, no dent. Have you ever tried to curl your hair with a curling iron, only to end up with a distracting dent in your hair? Unfortunately, this is easy to do when you’re learning to use one. One of the biggest advantages of using a curling wand is that since there's no clamp, there's no risk of creating accidental dents. Your hair will look natural and smooth every time.
  • Easy to learn. Another perk of using a curling wand vs. a curling iron is that there’s no learning curve. Simply plug in your curling wand, wait for it to heat up, and wrap your hair around it. Hold it until it feels hot, and you’re good to go!
  • Natural looking. While there’s a time and place for perfectly manicured curls, on a day to day basis, chances are you might just want a natural look. Curling wands are great for creating perfect, natural looking curls, and if you already have wavy or curly hair, curling wands are perfect for a quick touch up!
  • Better for your hair. Because curling wands don’t have a clamp, they’re less likely to damage your hair because the ends of your hair won’t be exposed to the same level of heat. With a curling wand, you can even avoid curling the tip of your hair at all if you’re hoping to avoid split ends.

Advantages of a curling iron

Wondering about the benefits of using a curling iron? Here are a few perks:

  • Perfect curls. Looking for perfectly styled, movie star worthy curls? A curling iron is the ideal tool to help you achieve a highly stylized look that’s perfect for a night out, a fancy party, or simply a day at the office.
  • Long lasting. Because curling irons have a clamp that holds the hair tightly, they can create longer lasting curls than curling wands can. If you’re hoping to create a look that will last all day, a curling iron is your best bet.
  • Versatile. Perhaps the best advantage of all, curling irons can double as curling wands–simply don’t open the clamp when you’re curling! If you’re on the fence between the two tools, the curling iron is the most versatile because it can be used both ways.

Curling iron vs. wand: Which is better for you?

Curling wands and curling irons are different tools that create distinct looks, and both are useful for achieving beautiful curls. To decide which is a better fit for you, think about the look you are hoping to achieve. Do you prefer tighter, perfect looking curls? If so, stick with a traditional curling iron. Are you more of a fan of the relaxed, mermaid wave look? If the answer is yes, a curling wand will suit your needs.

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