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The most essential items for your home office

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Working from home was once a luxury enjoyed by a select few, but is now a reality for millions of employees across the globe. Despite the amount of time many of us spend in our home offices, we tend to glaze over our space and don't pay as much attention as we should to the items within it. Although it’s understandable considering the seemingly never-ending list of tasks life presents us with each day, harmful products can adversely affect our productivity.

Filling your space with the right essentials can increase efficiency and foster healthy habits while making your workday easier and more enjoyable. Shopping with the Mulberry browser extension can help, allowing you to find product protection plans in real time, so you can be covered in case any of your office essentials are damaged or break down.

Mulberry’s top picks for home office essentials

Here are some of our favorite electronics, accessories, and furniture pieces that can help optimize your workflow processes, improve your organizational capabilities, and enhance your home office experience.

Apple magic keyboard

This recognizable product offers comfortable and precise typing capabilities. Mac lovers can quickly pair this battery-powered keyboard with an Apple computer via wireless Bluetooth. It weighs just over half a pound, making it light and easy to transport. The Apple magic keyboard can increase your typing speed and replace any bulky predecessor taking up space on your desk.

JBL wireless headphones

Wireless headphones can increase your motivation throughout each workweek. JBL wireless headphones are noise-canceling (which buyers with kids at home especially appreciate!) and offer up to 55 hours of battery life. They are perfect for everything from Zoom meetings to taking a music break.

USB power strip 

It seems like no matter how many outlets we have, we still need more. A USB power strip offers electrified convenience and features numerous outlets with surge protection so you'll never have to worry about losing the document you're working on or cutting out in the middle of a meeting.

Adjustable standing desk with drawers

A standing desk can change your life and improve your health, and one that comes with functional drawers can improve your organization too. A standing desk with drawers makes for a well-built and gorgeous addition to any home office.

Versatile laptop stand

A great laptop stand elevates your computer, reducing neck and back strain while reducing the risk of spills or other damage. They come in a range of options, from a vertical laptop stand that can safely store your computer to a wooden laptop stand that can add some decoration to your home office.

Keyboard cleaner kit

A keyboard cleaner kit can be had for as little as $15 on Amazon, and will extend the life of your laptop, keyboard, and other office electronics. It’s multifunctional, great at removing hard-to-reach dust, and designed with portability in mind.

Pivoting desk lamp

An adjustable LED desk lamp is especially useful for professionals who work primarily on paper (rather than on the computer), and for nocturnal employees or business owners. They come with features that include temperature modes designed for eye care, as well as different light settings you can adjust based on your mood and comfort level.

Protect your office essentials

All your office essentials deserve to be protected with an extended warranty plan. The best product coverage can ensure you're protected in case of accidents, damage, or normal wear and tear. Shop with Mulberry’s free browser extension to find the best extended warranty plans in real time on your favorite office items.

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