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Why you need extended warranties for your home office equipment

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Although home office equipment is essential for getting work done, it's often neglected when it comes to coverage under product protection plans. With the rise of both hybrid and work-from-home office settings, it’s more important than ever to invest in extended warranty coverage for your home office equipment. After all, most of us are now footing the bill for our office furniture and supplies outside of an employer-provided computer.

Between monitors, docking stations, printers, scanners, and office furniture, there is a lot that goes into creating a home office space. You can spend quite a bit of money to ensure you're set up for success, so make sure your purchases are covered against wear and tear from daily use. Opting for extended warranty plans that cover your entire home office is the only way to guarantee your products will be protected due to accidents or other damage. If you have manufacturer warranty coverage, it's limited in both scope and coverage duration.

Cover all of your electronic devices under one plan

The benefits of extended warranties for home office equipment

While you might think you only need extended warranties for electronics when it comes to your home office equipment, there are so many more items that are eligible for coverage under product protection plans. Take a look at some of the home office products that you can cover under an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare:

Office electronics

Office electronics are an obvious choice for product protection. Your home office electronics are some of the most important products to cover under an extended warranty since they are essential to your day-to-day tasks. Everything from your laptop to your iPad to your iPhone can be covered. Since most of us spend our entire workday on some sort of electronic device, it's vital to have a product protection plan in place if something goes wrong and you need a replacement.

Office furniture

Being comfortable while you work is just as important as the devices you do your work on, which is why protecting your home office furniture under an extended warranty is worth the additional cost. Whereas modular office furniture is popular in many office buildings for its ease of assembly and portability, a home office might utilize furniture you also use in other parts of your home. Especially if your office furniture is doing double-duty for work and home life, an extended warranty on your home office furniture can help protect it under any circumstance.

Input and output devices

Input and output devices are essential to the daily functioning of any office, and a home office is no exception. Printers, copy machines, fax machines, and scanners all have the potential to break down at any time, and you don't want your work to be interrupted having to wait around for the manufacturer to process your warranty claim, especially when it might not even be covered under a manufacturer warranty to begin with. An extended warranty on your input and output devices will allow you to get a replacement device without skipping a beat.

Why you need an extended warranty for your home office equipment

As with any decision, you should determine the items you need, calculate your costs, and do your research before deciding if extended warranty coverage is right for you.

Limited manufacturers’ warranties for home office equipment don’t cover many types of damage, and always exclude accidental damage. Extended warranties expand protection options to address the realities of having an office in your home, and also provide long-term solutions that can save you a chunk of money when damage or failure inevitably occurs.

An affordable option for office equipment warranties

If you’re looking for an affordable extended warranty plan that covers accidental damage, provides quick resolutions to problems, and offers hassle-free coverage paired with transparent pricing, install the Mulberry browser extension.

Mulberry stands out from the competition with amazing customer service, user-friendly systems for claims and plan management, and tons of additional offers for savings. Install the Mulberry browser extension and see the difference for yourself.


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