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Best Practices for Ecommerce Customer Service

From tweets to status updates, your customers can reach thousands of people in just one post. The following are just a few best practices for you to consider when implementing the best possible customer service to your customers.

1.  Implement a multichannel strategy

Developing a multichannel strategy ensures that you are always in front of your customers. Think about your target market. Do they use Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Do they prefer to use email, text, or phone? Whatever they prefer, be there for them (literally!).

2. Offer live chat

In a survey of over 5,000 consumers, 83% said they steadily needed some type of help as they shopped online. Of them, 31% needed online support immediately and 40% of those customers asked for assistance within five minutes.  Live chat can help those customers who need more attention.

3. Be proactive with your customer service

Handle customer issues before they become a problem. Offering quick data and FAQs can help customers handle the issues themselves. The speed at which a problem is resolved ranks at the top of great online experience according to a 2013 LivePerson Connecting with Customers report.

4. Use customer service software

Using a CRM (customer relationship management) software can make customer service efforts much easier and more effective. By streamlining processes and providing contextual user data, CRM automate and tackle problems through ticketing, ultimately leading to an increase in ROI.

5. Measure customer satisfaction

Sending out surveys to measure customer satisfaction success is a valuable method for getting constructive feedback from customers. If a customer gives negative feedback, follow up with them about their experience and see how you can make it better. Offering support is a great way to build trust and brand equity.

Growing your ecommerce business starts with providing customers with unparalleled service. With a strategic customer service plan and proper planning to implement these strategies, you will help your ecommerce business grow and keep your customers each step of the way.

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