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Best Ecommerce platforms for mobile

As we’ve mentioned, smartphones are completely changing the ecommerce industry. Both small and large companies are rapidly embracing mobile shopping with many even shifting their entire focus to a mobile-first strategy. Just a few years ago offering a mobile version of your company’s site was considered almost a luxury. Now, it’s more of a necessity. The following are a few of the best platforms that offer an easier and more useful experience to your customers (and you).

Shopify Mobile
Whether online, through social media, or in-store, Shopify allows businesses to reach their customers on one platform. Ecommerce businesses can capture payments, track sales, adjust product inventory, fill orders and create new products in on app. Shopify makes the experience as easy for businesses as it does for users.

Google Analytics
When it comes to marketing strategy, Google Analytics helps with all aspects to ensure you are driving the most conversions possible. You can track your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns as well as sign ups from search engines and platforms.

Yes, Facebook! It’s a great place for you to boost brand awareness, respond to questions from loyal customers and advertise sales. You can keep customers engaged and build brand loyalty while driving sales to your website.

Always on the run? Then the WordPress app is perfect for your business. You can update your website with everything from blog posts and photos to breaking news and sales. It is user-friendly and even connects with social media plugins allowing you to have a professional-looking website, without much fuss.

Building a loyal fan base of followers and customers interested in your brand is easy with this app. It helps you see everything going on with your social media feeds in one place. You can schedule tweets and Facebook posts in advance (from hours to a few months!), which makes social media marketing easier than ever.

Running a business is hard enough, but luckily there are plenty of great ecommerce platforms to help you get ahead of the competition. From organization and process optimization to social media and analytics, these mobile platforms are essential in today’s mobile-first business world.  

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