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Trends in Ecommerce

Research indicates that universal ecommerce sales will increase 246.15% over the next three years, reaching a staggering 4.5 trillion by 2021 (Statista). With rapid growth comes rapid change; to help e-retailers reap the benefits of this growth we’ve compiled some of the top trends reshaping the way people will buy and sell online.  

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
If you thought virtual reality was just for video games, think again! Augmented reality and virtual reality are now being used to help prospective customers experience a product before purchasing. Interior design website Houzz, discovered AR increased customers likelihood to buy by 11x in addition to keeping them in the app over 50% longer. (Techcrunch). Offering consumers the opportunity to virtually see how the product will benefit them can be the deciding factor for purchase conversion.

Automation and Chatbots
Chatbots are simple and quick, two attributes consumers value, thus, taking advantage of bots for sales, marketing and customer service efforts can help you beat out the competition while also positioning your brand as an innovator that capitalizes on the latest emerging technology trends.

Voice Search Compatibilities
With devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo and more gaining popularity, voice search is quickly becoming the preferred search method. A Shopify study found that 40% of millennials are using voice search before making a purchase online. As more consumers adopt voice as their preferred search method, integrating voice capabilities into your ecommerce business will be crucial.

Shopping from Mobile
For many, mobile is the primary device choice for online shopping. Outerbox Design reported that within the last six months, 62% of consumers have made an online purchase using their smartphone. As mobile first online shopping habits continue to proliferate, it’s critical that your ecommerce site is optimized for a mobile shopping experience.

Same-Day or Next Day Delivery
Customers love the convenience of shopping online and are increasingly demanding faster delivery; in many cases, without paying more. From Google Shopping Express to Target Red Card and Amazon Prime, same-day or two-day delivery is becoming the norm.  If you aren’t giving your consumers same-day or next-day delivery, they won’t hesitate to switch to competitors who will.

Extended Warranties When it comes to increasing revenue and keeping consumers satisfied, more and more online retailers are looking to extended warranties as a way to amplify their business and boost sales. This trend isn’t going anywhere! By offering extended warranties, you help to build trust with your consumers. They are more likely to believe that you have their best interests in mind. With plug and play options from Mulberry, offering extended protection to your customers is simple and lucrative.

If you’re interested in increasing your sales by offering Mulberry to your customers, let’s get connected! Send us an email at sales@getmulberry.com to get started.

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