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Allswell Levels Up Customer Experience in the Mattress Space with Free, 3-Year Accident Protection Plans

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Allswell Home, part of the Walmart family of brands, was founded in 2017 on the belief that a luxurious night’s sleep shouldn’t come with a luxury price tag. 

Since then, Allswell Home has been working to innovate and improve their products and processes to bring their customers lower prices and better value. Allswell has also expanded their product catalog beyond mattresses to include bedding, bath, and spa products. 


The Allswell team began exploring accident protection plans to fill a gap in the mattress market and offer more value to their customers. “A mattress is a really big purchase,” said Frank Barbieri, Vice President at Allswell. “While some providers offer long warranties, there are fewer long-term assurances for anything else that might go wrong with a mattress, like rips, spills, or stains.” 

Allswell saw their new protection program as a way to deliver additional value to their customers, but they didn’t want to go the traditional route of charging their customers to get any product protection. “Product protection has always helped retailers make money but only a subset of customers end up getting protected. We wanted to find a way to deliver that value to all of our customers,” Barbieri added. Allswell was looking for a partner who shared their vision of building a new, more accessible kind of product protection program.

“You’d be surprised how many people spill wine on their mattress. Now, with our Mulberry partnership, if you spill, it’s OK, you’re taken care of. Mulberry and Allswell have your back.”

- Frank Barbieri, Vice President at Allswell


Working closely with the Mulberry assurance and ecommerce teams, Allswell became the first provider in the market to offer free, 3-year accident protection plans on every Allswell mattress. The Mulberry plan gives customers protection against incidents like rips, stains, burns, tears, spilled wine, and more. Customers looking for longer protection can upgrade to purchase a 5-year or 10-year plan at very competitive rates.

Allswell worked closely with the Mulberry team to craft an on-site experience for this new program that would help customers both understand the offer and get excited about the value. “We wanted to show customers exactly how much value they are getting with the new program,” said Barbieri. “So we worked with Mulberry to show the list price of the 3-year plan with a strike-through, to show all the value they were getting for free.” 

Once customers purchase their mattress, they get an email letting them know they’ve been automatically registered for 3 years of Mulberry accident protection. Should anything go wrong while they’re covered, they can log into their Mulberry dashboard, file a claim, and get their issue resolved with just a few clicks. 


The program was immediately popular with customers, helping them shop confidently with Allswell and helping Allswell maintain low abandoned cart rates through the competitive holiday season. “You’d be surprised how many people spilled wine on their mattress,” Barbieri added. “That’s been one of our main issues in the past. But with Mulberry if you spill, it’s OK, you’re taken care of.” 

Knowing that their Allswell mattress was more than a 3-year investment, customers were eager to purchase longer-term protection plans as well. Nearly 10% of Allswell customers choose to purchase upgraded 5- or 10-year plans to stay protected by Mulberry for longer.

“We always want to do right by our customer. Our mattresses are created at price points that offer unreal quality at real value, and now we’re giving customers a little extra assurance that, no matter what happens, their mattress will last.”

- Frank Barbieri, Vice President at Allswell

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