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Homethreads Builds Better Post-Delivery Customer Relationships with Product Protection

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Finding ways to strengthen their relationships with customers beyond the initial purchase



Homethreads was founded in 2017 on a mission to make the online shopping experience more personable. 

Since then, Homethreads has become a destination for total home furnishing and décor.  Its wide network of partners and suppliers help Homethreads provide customers with the highest quality products designed for comfort, durability, style, and value.


From the start, Homethreads has built their business on the idea that relationships matter. “At Homethreads, our top priority is treating customers the way we’d like to be treated,” said Brad Bruckner, CMO at Homethreads. “We are always advocating for our customers and thinking of ways to deliver them the best possible experience when they shop with Homethreads.”

As the Homethreads team evaluated their customer experience, they noticed that while they could work with their suppliers to take care of customers when orders were delayed or a product was damaged during shipment, taking care of customers later on in the event of spills, stains, or other accidental damage was more challenging. Homethreads wanted to strengthen their relationships with customers even further by providing them with options for more complete long-term coverage.

“Offering product protection plans adds to our bottom line but, more importantly, it adds to our user experience and helps us engage with our customers. Mulberry protection is a great long-term service and a no-brainer for customers to add to their purchases.”

- Brad Bruckner, Chief Marketing Officer


Homethreads partnered with Mulberry to integrate accident protection offers for their customers on multiple product categories across their website. Homethreads customers can add Mulberry plans to their cart directly on product pages for up to 5 years of coverage against stains, rips, burns, and more.

“Honest, transparent communication with our customers about the accident protection program was extremely important to us,” Bruckner said. “Mulberry’s widgets make it easy for customers to navigate through the available plans, view FAQs, and understand their coverage so any questions they may have about the program are answered right away.

Once customers purchase their plans, they are automatically registered with Mulberry and Homethreads no longer needs to worry about damage from accidents. Should any accidents occur, customers can file claims within minutes through Mulberry’s customer portal and work with Mulberry’s support team on a resolution that is customized to their problem from replacing sofa cushions to shipping out a brand new product altogether. 


Homethreads customers quickly began to take advantage of the new options for post-delivery care. “We’re launching new products and add-ons all the time on our site,” Bruckner said. “From the moment we went live with our product protection offers, Mulberry has been extremely popular with our customers and is one of the fastest growing products we’ve brought to market.” Within the first 6 weeks of launch, 8% of customers were adding Mulberry protection to their purchases.

The Homethreads team is able to rely on Mulberry’s best-in-class customer service to match their own high standards for customer care for years beyond the initial purchase on their website. “We have customers that have shopped with us 16 times in our short history and that’s because they trust us,” Bruckner said. “Mulberry has already become an important part of taking care of our customers long-term and strengthening that trust even further.”

“We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service to our customers and it was clear from the start that the Mulberry team was very much aligned with our value system. From their Partner Success team to their Customer Experience team, Mulberry always puts people first.”

- Brad Bruckner, Chief Marketing Officer

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