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A guide to iPhone repair costs

White iPhone with a cracked screen being repaired

In today’s world, our phones tend to be the most important tool we have with us on a daily basis. They serve as the portal to our jobs, social lives, the world’s information, and even operate as credit card wallets. Needless to say, having a damaged or broken phone can truly make your day-to-day life frustrating and inconvenient.

When we make a significant purchase, it’s easy to turn down warranty plans like AppleCare because somehow the cost doesn’t seem worth it at the time. Typically, that proves to be a mistake. Especially with our phones, the opportunities for accidents to happen are endless. And if you chose not to get warranty coverage, you're left on the hook for those repair costs when you crack the screen or drop your phone in water.

When you shop with the Mulberry browser extension, you can view all the product protection plans available for your iPhone. And, if you want to cover all your Apple products under the same protection plan, you can opt for Mulberry Unlimited. You'll get unlimited coverage and unlimited claims, without any deductibles or hidden fees.

How much do iPhone repairs cost?

Due to all the different types of damage iPhones can encounter, there isn't a simple answer when it comes to repair costs. That said, let's take a look at some of the more common types of iPhone damage, and what those repair costs might look like.

The cost of iPhone repairs

Like any other piece of technology or Apple product, the cost depends on the generation and age of the device, as well as the severity of the damage. However, most iPhone owners experience three common types of damage:

  • iPhone screen. Cracked screens are all too common, and the range of prices for a replacement from Apple can be anywhere from $129-$379 depending on the model of phone you have.
  • Battery. This is actually one of the cheapest iPhone repair solutions, as Apple's replacement costs range from $49 to $99 depending on the model. Other providers may even offer lower options, but it will incur other risks that may not be worth it.
  • Water damage. This is the most severe damage, and can cost up to $700, as it deeply affects the internal structure of the phone. It can also be the most frustrating, as it typically prevents your phone from working at all.

What are some short-term solutions?

By purchasing some basic equipment, you can aim to avoid significant damage to your iPhone. It’s wise to make these investments upfront, to avoid the damage in the first place. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Buy an Apple iPhone case. This can help protect your device from impact when it falls, and it also keeps the side buttons clean and new so you don’t lose functionality.
  • Use a screen protector. This can help your screen avoid damage from impact or even water. One of the best iPhone screen protectors is the Spigen Tempered Glass Protector, which has unmatched durability and is available for $20.99 on Amazon.

What’s the long-term solution to avoiding these costs?

The high expense associated with repairing an iPhone proves that it's essential to have extended warranty coverage. When you install the Mulberry browser extension, you'll get alerts when the Apple products you're shopping for are eligible for extended warranty coverage, so you can take steps to prevent damage from the start.

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