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A guide to Apple repair costs

Apple iPad and iPhone repair work

All Apple products come with a standard warranty to protect against incidents like manufacturing defects and internal failures. While standard AppleCare does exclude many types of incidents from coverage (namely accidental damage), it’s worth looking into whether AppleCare can help reduce your costs. Check out this article for details on what AppleCare covers, and what's excluded.

If you have an extended warranty, you may be able to avoid paying any repair or replacement costs. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you won't pay any deductibles or hidden fees if you need to file a claim. Mulberry Unlimited also covers accidental damage for your electronics, unlike the manufacturer's warranty.

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iPhone repair costs

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone? Well, as with any device, the cost of repair comes down to what part of the device needs to be fixed. Here are some of the most common costs for repairing an iPhone:

iPhone screen repair

iPhone screen repair costs depend on the model of iPhone you have, but can range anywhere from $129 for an iPhone SE to $379 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max. These prices are based on Apple repair, but you can also take your chances with a third-party repair company, as these are known for offering cheaper prices.

Battery service

The cost of iPhone battery replacement ranges anywhere from $49 to $99, depending on the iPhone model you have. However, if you look into third-party repair service providers, you might find that they have even lower fees.

Liquid or water damage

Liquid or water damage is one of the most expensive repair costs for an iPhone user. The iPhone repair cost depends on the extent of the damage, but can cost up to $699. The associated cost is determined by how many of your iPhone’s internal components have been affected by the liquid, and you often won’t know the cost until a repair service provider has examined your device.

MacBook repair costs

The cost to repair Macs, like iPhones, depends on the type of damage your machine has incurred. Here are some of the top MacBook repair costs:

MacBook screen repair

MacBook screen repair cost depends on the extent of damage to the screen, and involves costs for both labor and the screen repair material. For the lowest tier of damage, repair costs around $355, plus $100 for labor. For the highest tier of damage, repair costs can be up to $655, plus another $100 for labor.

Battery service

The cost of MacBook battery replacement or repair can range anywhere from $129 for a 2015 MacBook Air to $199 for a 2022 MacBook. While this may seem like a lot, replacing a battery is much less expensive than buying a new laptop.

Liquid or water damage

The cost to repair your MacBook after water or liquid damage occurs depends on the model you have and the extent of the damage done to your computer. Cost of repairs can range anywhere from $280 to a whopping $1,475 (yikes).

Apple Watch repair costs

Apple Watches are almost always used on the go, whether for exercise, travel, or just day to day activities. Because of this, they’re some of the easiest devices to break (and also costly to repair). Here are some of the top Apple Watch repair costs:

Apple Watch screen repair

Apple Watch screen repair cost can be hefty. Cost of repair can range anywhere from $120 to $499, depending on the Apple Watch model. Repair costs may be lower at third party service providers.

Battery service

Apple Watch battery replacement can range anywhere from $79 to $99, depending on what model Apple Watch you have. As with other Apple devices, you can assume that the newer and more expensive Apple Watch models will cost you the most to repair.

iPad repair costs

iPads are another of Apple’s devices that are particularly accident-prone. Between their enormous glass screens, how often they’re taken on the go, and how popular they are among kids, if you have an iPad, chances are you’ll have to repair it at some point. Here are some of the top iPad repair costs:

iPad screen repair cost

As with other Apple devices, your iPad screen repair cost will depend on the exact model you have. A cracked iPad screen repair cost can be anywhere from $199 (for an iPad mini) to $499 for an iPad Pro.

Battery service

The cost of replacing an iPad battery ranges depending on the model of the iPad, but is typically between $99 and $179. The cost of iPad repair is not cheap, so it really makes sense to consider an extended warranty for your iPad.

Apple repair costs are expensive

You can pay to have Apple fix them, and sometimes that's the best bet since Apple knows their products best. However, it’s also smart to shop around to find out how much other service providers charge. If you can get a recommendation for a service provider someone you know has used for a successful repair, you may be able to save a little money and get your device fixed.

Get comprehensive protection with Mulberry Unlimited

Above all, hopefully the expense of repairing an Apple device out-of-pocket has shown you that it pays to have extended warranty coverage on your Apple devices. Not sure what an extended warranty covers? Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to discover coverage options for your Apple devices and what an extended warranty covers. You'll get product protection for nearly all your Apple products under the same plan.

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