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Why you should invest in an iPhone case

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When you're spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, you're probably considering an extended warranty for it. But purchasing an iPhone case to protect your investment is just as important. From clear phone cases to hardshell phone cases, there are plenty of options and brands to choose from. If you invest in a quality case for your iPhone, you'll have an added layer of protection on top of the extended warranty for your iPhone.

You probably didn't know that AppleCare+ does not cover cosmetic damage to your iPhone, or any damage that does not affect the functioning of the device. If you do opt for AppleCare+ for your iPhone, it'll be even more important to get a case if you want to keep your phone looking new.

Why wouldn't you consider an AppleCare alternative like Mulberry Unlimited if you can save that kind of money? And with Mulberry Unlimited, you'll never pay any deductibles or fees. Apple charges you up to $99 depending on the damage. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited and save yourself a lot of money.

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Why should you invest in a phone case?

While it’s probably tempting to save money after shelling out so much for your new smartphone, skipping out on the case is not the way to go. While most smartphones are well-made products, they aren’t created to withstand high-impact drops or accidents. As careful as you may consider yourself, accidents inevitably happen, and they can be costly if your phone is not protected. If protect your phone with a phone case, that will be the thing that cracks first if you drop your phone.

Investing in a case for your smartphone can allow you to:

  • Avoid hefty repair costs. When drops, slips, cracked screens, or other accidents happen, an unprotected phone is likely to experience much more damage than a phone that’s protected with a high-quality case. iPhone repairs aren't cheap, and a phone case can help protect you from spending big on fixing your iPhone. If you have a product protection plan like Mulberry Unlimited, you'll have less to worry about if your phone gets damaged!
  • Protect your phone’s resale value. Many smartphones, especially iPhones, maintain some degree of their value over time. This is useful if you ever switch to an android or sell your phone to upgrade to a newer version. The best way to maintain a high resale value is to avoid extra damage, including scratches, chips, dents, and other damage that’s more likely to occur without a protective case.

What's the best iPhone case?

A high-quality iPhone case can be expensive, with the best iPhone cases costing $130 or more. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular iPhone cases available on the market today, and their warranties:

  • Apple iPhone case. The cost of an Apple iPhone case can range anywhere from $20 to $130, based on the iPhone model and the type of material the case is made of. Apple offers a one-year standard manufacturer warranty on their cases through AppleCare that covers manufacturer’s defects. However, this doesn’t include coverage for normal wear and tear, accidents, or abuse.
  • Otterbox iPhone case. Otterbox iPhone case prices typically range anywhere from $40 to $100, depending on the model and type of case. Unlike an Apple iPhone case warranty, an Otterbox warranty covers the duration of the product’s lifetime, which is 7 years for smartphone cases. The Otterbox warranty includes coverage for manufacturer’s defects, but not for accidents, abuse, or normal wear and tear.
  • LifeProof iPhone case. On average, LifeProof iPhone cases are similar in cost to Otterbox cases, ranging from $40 to $100 depending on the iPhone model and the type of case. While LifeProof is owned by Otterbox, it’s important to note that a LifeProof case warranty is different from an Otterbox case warranty. LifeProof warranties provide coverage for either one or two years, depending on the product. Like an Otterbox warranty, a LifeProof warranty excludes coverage for accidents, abuse, and normal wear and tear.

What's the best Android phone case?

If you have a phone that isn’t Apple, don’t worry–we haven’t forgotten about you! There are plenty of android phone case options that will offer excellent protection for your Samsung and Google phones too. Here are a few of the best options on the market for Android phones and their warranties:

  • Otterbox Android case. Similar to the Otterbox case for iPhone, Otterbox produces some of the best phone cases on the market for Samsung and Google phones, costing anywhere from $30 to $80. The warranty is the same as Otterbox’s warranty for the iPhone, which includes 7 years and covers manufacturer’s defects, but excludes accidents, abuse, or normal wear and tear.
  • Spigen Android case. For a cheaper option for protecting your Samsung or Google phone, a Spigen case can be a good alternative. These cases start at around $14 (however, they can still reach up to $100, if you prefer the more expensive route!). Spigen offers a two-year warranty on most of its products that covers manufacturer’s defects.

Why a phone case isn't enough

Investing in a smartphone case is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your phone. But the most important thing you can do is to protect your smartphone with an extended warranty. Even the best phone cases can't protect your phone from all damage, especially things like water damage, battery life, and charging issues.

While most phone manufacturer warranties only offer coverage for defects in manufacturing. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for coverage on many of your most-used electronic devices. You'll get quality coverage, including accidental damage coverage, and you'll never have to pay a deductible if you file a claim.

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