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Household items you probably need to replace

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Although many of us keep weekly or monthly shopping lists, the more infrequent purchases are often forgotten, as they are not tracked regularly. This means that for many households, they are using items that have worn out and lost their function, or have accumulated enough dust and grime to make them allergy hazards. When is the last time you replaced your cleaning equipment, got a fire extinguisher service, or cleaned your throw pillows from your couch?

When shopping for new household items, remember to shop with the Mulberry browser extension. You can view and compare product protection plans on your products in real time, and earn rewards as you shop. Let's take a look at the top items that probably need a replacement in your household.


Water filters

Depending on whether you are using a water filter in your fridge, tap, or a separate pitcher, they need to be replaced every 2-6 months. But as a tool running behind the scenes, this can be easy to forget.

If you currently use a fridge water filtration system, switching to something like a Pur water filter can make it easier to know when it's time for the filter to be changed. A basic pitcher costs just $49.99 and comes with 6 months worth of filters. You can also buy bulk packs of replacement filters and keep them throughout your kitchen, so you are reminded to make the switch when the time comes.

Cutting boards

Plastic and wood cutting boards alike need to be changed on an annual basis. Even when you are diligent with washing, over time, the small scratches from cutting add up and trap bacteria and dirt that you cannot remove. To prevent this grime, it's recommend you change your cutting boards yearly to keep your food clean and safe.

If you have more premium wood cutting boards that are properly sealed and taken care of, they can last much longer than their cheaper or plastic counterparts, withstanding up to five years of use.


Shower curtain liner

Unlike some of the kitchen items where the buildup of grime is more invisible, when it comes to a plastic shower curtain liner, its typically apparent when you need to get a new one. You will start to see staining, fogginess, and mildew or soap scum on the bottom edges when it's time for a replacement, usually every six months.

On the other hand, a fabric shower curtain can typically be machine washed, and therefore doesn’t need to be replaced until you are redecorating your bathroom look.

Microfiber towels

When it comes to towels of all kinds, the amount you use them and the frequency with which you wash them will determine their lifespan. Typically, it's advised you wash your towels every 3-5 uses, which gives them a projected lifespan of roughly three years. When it comes to your microfiber towels, if you wash them once every 2 weeks, they can last up to five years.

However, across all towel products, the best way to assess if they need to be replaced is to feel if they are getting threadbare, worn down, or simply aren’t working as effectively as they once were.



As the piece on our list requiring the highest investment, your mattress should be replaced every eight years or so in order to ensure comfort and healthy sleeping conditions for your back and neck. Mattresses are typically expensive items which can require people to either use their savings or adopt a financing plan.

If you are looking for a more affordable mattress, a variety of mattress in a box options can suit your budget, such as the Lull Mattress, Nectar, or Purple.


In order to avoid the worst allergens, it's advised to change your pillows every two years or more. When you go to make the switch, a Sutera Pillow is a great option. It's highly ergonomic, uses memory foam, and has a unique shape to accommodate sleepers who are comfortable on their back, sides, or stomach.

Protect your household items with Mulberry

When making significant purchases, shop with the Mulberry browser extension to protect your products and view the best warranty options available. You can earn rewards as you shop, and even get free product protection plans on eligible items.

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