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The best ways to save money when shopping for a new mattress

Man and woman shopping for a mattress

Choosing the right mattress for your sleep habits and body type is one of the most important purchases you can make. Studies show that we spend approximately one third of our lives in bed, and even when we’re not sleeping, our lives are impacted by our quality of sleep. This is why, if there is any purchase worth investing in, it’s a high-quality mattress.

That said, mattresses can be expensive. Ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the type of mattress you’re looking for, chances are it’ll wind up making a dent in your bank account. With such an expensive item, it's important to keep it protected. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can ensure your mattress is covered regardless of the damage it might incur.

Luckily, with an extended warranty plan and these tips and tricks, it’s possible to save money when shopping for a new mattress.

Wait for an end of season or holiday sale

End of season sales present some of the best opportunities to get a fantastic deal on a new mattress. Retailers frequently try to get rid of old inventory as the season ends, so it’s possible to see huge price reductions. If you can wait for these events to happen a few times a year, it will really pay off.

Similarly, it’s also common for mattress stores to offer huge discounts to accompany major holiday weekends. As with end of season sales, this requires waiting if you’re not close to a holiday, but if you can hold off, the savings are often enormous.

Shop with discount mattress stores

If you can’t wait for an end of season sale, try shopping with a discount mattress store. Stores like Mattress Firm, Mattress Warehouse, and Mattress Discounters often purchase their inventory directly from the supplier, allowing them to offer lower prices. Where other mattress stores have showrooms and salesmen, discount mattress stores frequently save money by skipping the fluff and allowing you to order directly from them online.

Look for deals on bundles

If you’re also due to upgrade items such as your bed frame, bedding, and sheets, try looking for a bundle deal. Mattress stores often have special discounts for customers who choose to bundle instead of purchasing singular items.

If you don’t need new bed accessories, however, don’t fall into the trap of “spending more to save”. These types of deals are only cost-effective if you were already planning to purchase the additional items.

Inquire about a discount

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, be sure to ask about a discount. There are often special deals and promotions available, but you have to ask in order to get them. If you’re shopping online, look for pop-up windows that appear. These usually include discounts, and it’s smart to take advantage of them.

Final thoughts

Mattresses are expensive purchases, and although they’re worth every penny if it means you’ll get better sleep, they don't need to break the bank. By following the tips in this guide, along with a little patience, effort, and persistence, you can save hundreds of dollars on your next mattress.

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, don’t forget to purchase an extended warranty. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a mattress that’s stained, torn, cut, or otherwise damaged because your manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover the incident. As much as you may hope that these types of accidents won’t happen, it’s important to be prepared.

Last but not least, when you’re looking for an extended warranty plan, it’s always a good idea to browse. When you shop with Mulberry’s free browser extension, you can find protection for products in real time, and compare a variety of different plans to find the one that's right for you.

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