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Top product categories for warranty coverage

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You may not realize it, but you can get extended warranty protection on almost anything. From TVs to refrigerators to couches and more, when you protect your purchases, you're ensuring they're covered in case of all types of accidents and damage. This can be especially helpful when you’re purchasing items for your home that you know will be used daily and experience a lot of wear and tear.

When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. It's comprehensive, market-leading product protection for all your online purchases, so you're covered no matter what. You'll also be able to file unlimited claims, access 24/7 customer support, and never pay for deductibles or hidden fees.

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What are the top product categories for warranty coverage?

Here are the top four product categories Mulberry customers protect with warranties:

  1. Furniture
    Furniture is one of the top categories Mulberry customers cover with product protection. Furniture warranties include indoor items like sofas, tables, rugs, and mattresses (even sheets!) and outdoor items like patio furniture, umbrellas, heaters, and fire pits.

    It's not surprising how many people seek out a furniture protection plan—it covers many items that see the most wear and tear. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t let guests eat on your couch, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited so you don't have to be that host.

  2. Appliances

    Extended appliance warranties are essential for new purchases. Most large appliances come with some sort of manufacturer warranty, but we’ve all experienced the appliance that breaks in month 14 (why does that always happen?).

    From washers, dryers, and refrigerators to microwaves, air fryers, and espresso machines, appliances see heavy usage, which makes them perfect candidates for appliance warranties.

    Given the reliance on smart technology for many appliances, if the digital sensors and smart panels that provide all the cool features fail, you're out of luck without an extended warranty.

  3. Electronics

    Smart devices level up your home, provide more function for your on-the-go lifestyle, and save you money on utility bills when it comes to energy efficiency. Home security systems, keyless entry, smart thermostats, plugs and lightbulbs, —this list goes on.

    You could spend a lot of money making your home the smartest one on the block, and many people do. But at the end of the day, the smarter your home gets, the more likely it is that you’ll run into technical difficulties. With so much that can go wrong, an electronics warranty is necessary for your purchases.

    Extended warranties on electronics protect against accidental damage, mechanical and electrical failures, and power surge damage, just to name a few. Subscribing to Mulberry Unlimited to protect your electronics purchases will help extend the life of your devices, and save on expensive repairs or replacements.

  4. Tools

    Getting extended warranties for your tools makes a lot of sense. With regular use, tools are bound to see damage from amateurs and pros alike. Some tools come with manufacturer warranties, but they don’t usually cover normal wear and tear. If you're into DIY, you're probably not as familiar with tools as a professional contractor would be.

    Don't risk the chance of user error costing you double to purchase a replacement tool. Get Mulberry Unlimited for all of your tool purchases and you'll always be covered, whether your tool has a mechanical issue or it just wears out.

Get the ultimate protection with Mulberry Unlimited

Extended warranties can save you big in the long run. With Mulberry Unlimited, you can get great, long-term coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. It's the ultimate peace of mind for all your most-used items.

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