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How to expand the storage on your favorite video game console

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If you’re like most gamers, you know the feeling of excitedly powering up your gaming console to download a newly released game, only to realize that you’ve run out of storage. Although maxing out your storage from time to time is inevitable, that doesn’t mean isn't frustrating.

When you've paid so much for your device, you probably feel like you shouldn't have to deal with storage issues. Thankfully, by investing in product protection, there's at least one way to can get more out of your gaming console. A Mulberry Unlimited subscription lets you cover all your gaming consoles, games, accessories, and more under the same product protection plan, for less than the monthly price of your favorite video game subscription service.

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How can you expand storage on your video game consoles?

There are plenty of ways to expand your storage options for your video game console of choice, and it’s easy to do, too! Let’s take a look at how to expand the storage on your favorite video game console:

Upgrade your Nintendo Switch SD card

If your Nintendo Switch is running low on available memory, it’s easy, quick, and inexpensive to expand the storage–all you need is a Nintendo Switch SD card. SD cards are small memory cards that can be added and removed from your Nintendo Switch. Their tiny size makes them ideal for packing in a bunch of memory without compromising extra space on your Switch. As a plus, Nintendo Switch SD cards are affordable, too–check out a 512 GB micro SD card for only $49.99 on Amazon!

Wondering how to install your new Nintendo Switch SD card? It’s quick and painless. Simply power off your Nintendo Switch, then open the little stand on the back. You’ll see a small opening where you can slide in your SD card. Secure it into place, power your Switch on, and you’re good to go.

Add an Xbox external hard drive 

Hoping to add some extra storage to your Xbox? Simply add an Xbox external hard drive. Although some gaming consoles do not accommodate external hard drives, the Xbox makes it easy with a USB port built into the device–all you have to do is plug the cord from the external hard drive into the port.

Looking for an affordable option with powerful memory? Try this Seagate 2TB portable hard drive from Target. For only $79.99, you’ll have access to up to 2 TB of extra storage. Talk about getting bang for your buck!

Order a Steam Deck SD card

If the Steam Deck is your gaming device of choice, adding storage is just as easy as with a traditional video game console–simply order and install a Steam Deck SD card (a 400 GB card is available on Amazon for only $79.99!).

Wondering how to install your new SD card into your Steam Deck? Simply plug it into the slot in the bottom right of your Steam Deck and make sure it’s securely locked into place. Then, navigate to the settings in your Steam Deck. Within the settings, click on “System”, then “System Settings.” Finally, find the “Format SD Card” option, select “Format”, and you’re good to go!

Try out the PS5 SSD upgrade

Tired of your PS5 running out of storage? Although the PS5 allows you to add an external hard drive, investing in a PS5 SSD upgrade may be an even better option. With an SSD (also known as “solid state drive”) upgrade, you’ll be able to get a massive amount of storage for a reasonable price. No need to worry about having to continually purchase larger and larger hard drives. If you’re looking for a powerful yet cost-efficient PS5 SSD upgrade, there are great options on Amazon for only $84.99.

Final thoughts

If your video game console is running low on storage, don’t worry–there are plenty of ways to expand the memory so you have plenty of room for all of your favorite games. From Nintendo Switch SD cards to PS5 SSD upgrades, it’s easy to find a solution that works for your video game console of choice.

And while you’re stocking up on storage, don’t forget to think about purchasing product protection for your video game console. Investing in a product protection plan is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of your video game console, and when you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you can get excellent coverage for all your video game products for only a low monthly cost.

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