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The most unique PS5 accessories

Person holding a PlayStation 5 controller while playing a video game

If you’re a loyal gamer who loves Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, or Grand Theft Auto, and you've recently upgraded from a PS4 to a PS5, you’re probably loving the enhanced graphics and performance of the new model.

Even better, PlayStation offers tons of cool gadgets and accessories to go along with the PS5 to make your gameplay experience even better. When you shop with the Mulberry browser extension, you can view the best in product protection plans for your favorite PS5 accessories, so you never have to enter a gaming session without them.

Our top PS5 recommendations

You can further enhance the quality of your gaming experience by investing in accessories that can help customize your tools, increase comfort, and boost your performance when playing games. Here are our five favorite options that we recommend to all the PS5 gamers out there.

Custom PS5 controllers

Brands like Aim Controllers, Scuf, and Evil Controllers offer customers the option to upgrade and personalize the look and feel of their gaming controllers. By offering programmable buttons, faster reaction times, better accuracy, and faster input, you can dominate your competitors by stepping up your game with one of these unique products. Not to mention, most brands also offer tailored colorways and pattern combinations so you can show your personality on your device as well.

PS5 skins

The sleek, upright design of the PS5 creates the perfect surface to add a personal touch. With skins, you can make your console blend into your gaming setup, or make a statement with colorful and bold patterns. Companies like EasySkins offer dozens of options, from marbleized neon patterns to metallic glows that also cover your controller. With SkinIt, another PS5 skin manufacturer, you can even create custom patterns and upload images or designs to make your console truly one of a kind.

PS5 covers and PS5 cover plates

If you want to make more structural changes to your PS5 than even a skin can offer, you have the option of replacing the white cover for a custom colorway or pattern. PlayStation sells these directly for $54,99, in variations like black, purple, or gray camo. If you want more variety than their selection, you can also look to Etsy to find more customized options of your PlayStation 5 cover.

PS5 elite controller

Similar to the Xbox Elite Controller, PlayStation offers the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller for PS5 players. This handheld controller allows you to make custom settings for your keys, change out stick caps, adjust sensitivity, and swap between setting profiles so you can easily share your device with friends without losing your customized choices.

If you're looking for ways to personalize this controller, PlayStation offers a thorough guide that walks you through all the options available. Be aware, however, that this controller is fairly pricey at $199.99.

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is rated as the best gaming headset for a PS5, and it's available from both Walmart or Amazon for $99.99. It offers enhanced audio with surround sound features to give you a better sense of immersion in the game. These headphones are a great alternative to a more expensive surround sound system. Either way, you’ll wind up with sound specificity that far surpasses the capabilities of your standard TV.

Protect your major purchases with Mulberry 

When you make a significant purchase like a PS5, it only makes sense that you want to deck it out in custom accessories. Don’t leave anything up to chance when you are paying for these items, and protect yourself with Mulberry’s extended warranty plans. Install the Mulberry browser extension to view eligible protection plans for your products when you shop.

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