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How to repair your washer and dryer if you didn't add product protection

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Modern life is chaotic, and washers and dryers are essential to keep any household running efficiently. Laundry day can feel daunting enough as it is, so a broken machine can really throw you off your routine. If you don’t have product protection for your washer and dryer, you’ll be on the hook for repairs and replacements.

However, with a Mulberry Unlimited subscription, you can get coverage for not just your washer and dryer, but all your appliances, under the same product protection plan. There aren't any deductibles or hidden fees, so you'll never have to worry about paying more than the affordable monthly subscription price.

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How can you repair and maintain your washer and dryer yourself?

Sometimes the reason for your machine malfunctioning is easy enough to fix yourself, so keep reading for our quick guide to help diagnose any issues you might be facing. Remember, before you start taking anything apart or looking into anything, make sure your machine is unplugged from any power source to prevent injury.

Washing machine maintenance

Before you consider calling a washing machine repair service, take some time to investigate your machine in case the issue is a quick fix. There’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars just to be told that all you needed to do was replace a dirty or clogged filter.

The first thing to check out is if your drain pump has clogs or blockages. Always consult your product manual for the correct location of parts, but chances are it’s behind a kick panel on the front or back of the machine. If you notice a lot of buildup, you might have found the problem. Make sure you remove any debris or foreign objects and give it a thorough cleaning before putting everything back together.

If your filter seems fine, look at your hoses for damage or kinks. If you notice damage, these will need to be replaced to get your machine running properly again. It might sound like a quick fix, but experts recommend calling a professional for this.

Another common problem with washers is a malfunctioning agitator, which is the part of the machine that moves your clothes around the drum so they can be cleaned evenly and thoroughly. You can easily remove and replace this piece by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If for some reason it isn’t coming off properly, call a professional to make sure you haven’t missed any essential steps.

Dryer maintenance

The first thing you should do if you have a faulty dryer is to check the lint filter. If it’s clogged or dirty, it might be disrupting airflow, which can even cause a fire if it’s left too long without being cleaned. To make sure you haven't missed anything, use a tool or small vacuum to clean inside the lint trap.

If you’ve done this and your dryer still isn’t functioning correctly, check the vent hose, which is that oversized metallic hose that allows airflow to make it from your dryer to outside your home. Look for any damage or obstructions that might be blocking the airflow, which can put you at risk of a fire. If you notice damage to the vent hose, you’ll need to have it replaced.

Make sure you aren't overfilling the dryer when you use it, as that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your machine and cause premature malfunctions.

Although it costs a lot to hire a professional, it might be worth it to have peace of mind that things will be running smoothly in the future. Prices vary depending on where you’re located, so start by Googling “clothes dryer repair near me” and make a few calls to get quotes before you choose which company you’re going to hire.


Instead of putting yourself at the mercy of washing machine and dryer repair service costs, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for access to product protection for all your major appliances under the same plan.

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