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Be a productive homeowner with DIY appliance maintenance

woman performing dishwasher maintenance

If you want to ensure efficiency and comfort in your home, it’s important to keep everything around the house functioning at its best. It's only a matter of time before your appliances start to show the effects of daily usage, and your manufacturer's warranty will only get you so far with limited short-term coverage. Appliance extended warranties can help extend the life of your appliances, but so can a little DIY maintenance. When it comes to your home appliances, you can save hundreds of dollars on repair and replacement costs by performing simple DIY maintenance as needed over time.

That said, if you've owned your appliance for a long time, and done enough DIY maintenance that you aren't sure what is or isn't still covered, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. You'll get coverage for your appliances, electronics, and everything else you buy online under the same product protection plan for just $9.99 a month, and with unlimited claims, repairs and replacements are a breeze.

Appliance aficionado? Protect unlimited purchases with Mulberry Unlimited. You'll need it.

What are the benefits of DIY appliance maintenance?

When you don’t rely solely on professionals, you’re much more likely to improve the longevity of your appliances...and your bank account. It’s easy to forget about or neglect to do the little things that can make a big difference, like changing the water filter in your fridge or cleaning the lint out of your dryer vent. However, most DIY appliance maintenance is simple and straightforward. With a little elbow grease, you can achieve results:

  • Improved efficiency. Your appliances will work better because they'll be getting proactive attention to keep them running smoothly, rather than having to react to fix an issue.
  • Reduced financial strain. You won’t need pay a professional when you are able to troubleshoot and resolve small hiccups on your own, or prevent them entirely! You’ll save money on labor as well as potential replacement costs.
  • Empowered household. If you know how to handle a few things yourself, you can keep the household running smoothly without having to rely on professionals. With such high demand, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find tradesmen and handymen, especially if you're working on a tight timeline.

The value of an extended warranty

Of course you won't be able to fix everything yourself. Knowing there are going to be issues you can't handle, it's a good idea to consider an extended warranty for the household items you depend on the most. When you find yourself dealing with an issue that’s a little out of your scope of expertise, you won’t have to worry about any impending costs associated with replacement or repair thanks to your warranty coverage.

Which appliances need an extended warranty?

If you’re trying to decide which appliances are worth getting a warranty for, think about what you depend on to get through each day and week. Anything that helps you with daily activities to keep your family healthy and happy is important to protect. Look around your house and identify the top appliances you couldn't live without.


The average lifespan of a dishwasher is about ten years, however, that doesn’t mean dishwasher maintenance starts then. Even the best dishwasher might start having issues within five years or so. Some machines will last up to 15 years or more, and others might die out before the decade mark.

Dishwasher repair costs can get expensive, so it’s important that you take the time to make sure you’re using it correctly, and using the best cleaning products to reduce wear and tear. An extended warranty is a no-brainer for dishwashers because if you suddenly find yourself without one, household duties might start to feel a lot more unmanageable.

Sink and garbage disposal

You might not be an expert on how to unclog a kitchen sink, but chances are you’ve found yourself in the kitchen with the sink not draining. Sometimes it’s as easy as googling the best way to unclog a sink or use an old trick a family member shared with you. In other circumstances, you might be more desperate and unable to resolve it on your own.

If your sink is fitted with garbage disposal, then you are an even better candidate for product protection. You might find your garbage disposal not working even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Ensuring that you know how to properly clean your disposal (and what not to put in it) is important if you want to make it last as long as possible.

Refrigerator and freezer

Whether it’s your freezer not working or your fridge making a humming noise, fridge and freezer problems are some of the worst. You can end up with hundreds of dollars in wasted food in addition to the cost of whatever repairs you might need.

When you have refrigerator extended warranty coverage, you won’t need to worry about anything other than replacing the food that you lost, which isn’t much in comparison to buying a brand new refrigerator! If you have a Mulberry Unlimited subscription, it covers up to $500 in food loss replacement. That's a big deal!

Oven and stove

Unless you get takeout every day, your oven/stove is likely an essential part of your home. It might not be something you think about very often, but if this appliance were to suddenly stop working it could throw off your entire meal prep and dining routine. If you have a large family, this type of setback may have an even larger impact on your budget than just the repair cost, so an extended warranty could really be worth it.

Washer and dryer

You might notice your dryer making a squeaking noise or see that your washing machine is off balance more and more as you continue to do laundry. We've all spun those little feet endlessly to try and keep it from sounding like a herd of elephants are running down the hall.

These sorts of things always start off as small inconveniences until they build up into real problems that can damage your appliance (and clothing), requiring repair or replacement. Check out this article to see if the warning signs are leading you to shop for a new washer and dryer.

How can Mulberry help?

At Mulberry, we offer product protection comparable in coverage to that provided with AppleCare plans, but for everything you buy online. At the end of the day, life is about enjoying the little things, not becoming burdened by them. We want you to go about your days worry-free, knowing that if anything does come up, you’ll be able to handle it with ease.

When you get subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you can relax and rest easy knowing that you’re taken care of.

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