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Optimize your laundry experience with these DIY tips

Mother doing laundry in the laundry room while daughter runs around

There's no such thing as underestimating the importance of having a home that is comfortable and functional. With the rise of DIY projects, many customers are looking to upgrade their laundry rooms to better serve their needs. Because it's a room unique from any other, there are some key tricks and tips you can employ to upgrade your space most effectively.

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How to make an interior laundry room look good?

Although laundry rooms are purely for utility purposes, in order to make it a space that you actually want to enjoy, you'll need to treat it with the importance that you would for any other room. Here are some key laundry room ideas:

  • Create a color scheme so you can coordinate wall color, curtains, and storage solutions to give it a cohesive look, just like you would in the living room.
  • Emphasize storage and get creative with bins, shelving, and drawers.
  • Center the room around functionality so that it serves you well. Make sure you have a table surface for folding, as well as drying racks.
  • Keep hampers and dirty laundry concealed or in opaque bins with lids to reduce visual clutter.

How do you maximize space in a laundry room?

Efficient storage solutions are at the heart of all small laundry room ideas. Create a built-in drying rack if you don’t have much floor space so that you can make use of vertical space, while keeping a streamlined look.

Also, if you don’t have stacking machines, we recommend building a table or shelf surface over the machines so you gain a counter space for folding or storing your detergents and supplies. Or, you can install a fold out table on the wall. You can complete these DIY small laundry room ideas using materials and furniture that is readily available at stores like Home Depot, Target, or Walmart.

How can I improve my laundry room?

You will quickly feel improvements when you step up your organization game in your laundry room. Storage organizers like glass jars will elevate the look of your space, while keeping all of your supplies readily available.

Choose matching organizer bins for your shelves to keep items concealed and streamlined. This will give the room a sleek and organized appearance, even though it's ultimately a highly functional and work-oriented space.

How can I update my old laundry room?

If you have an old laundry room, you can bring it up to date with a quick makeover that includes cleaning up items on your shelves, repainting the space to a calming neutral color, and adding some matching curtains to the windows to give it a more home-like feel. Consider laundry room shelving ideas like installing over the washer and dryer shelves for hanging clothes, storing detergents, and more.

How can I make my old laundry room look good?

If you want to quickly add personality and pizazz to the space, use a straightforward DIY laundry room solution, like adding contact paper to old wood surfaces or installing DIY wallpaper to create an accent wall and detract from any older areas within the room.

Upgrade your storage bins and shelves to simple metal or wood finishes and get rid of any old lint, dust, or empty detergent bottles you have lying around so you can ensure a fresh start.

Protect your space with Mulberry

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