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Must-have smart home products for renters

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Whether your concern is safety, security, or sustainability, smart home gadgets can help renters and owners alike. By making the most of data, we can work to keep bills down, or use video technology to ensure the safety and security of our homes, pets, and belongings. As renters, you often don’t have the option to install complex systems that disrupt the building or structure you live in, but there are many smart home tools available that are renter-friendly, and can even be managed remotely through a smart home manager app.

As with any smart home product, it's important to keep product protection in mind. An extended warranty plan can help ensure you're covered if your devices get damaged or encounter an accident. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for comprehensive coverage on nearly all your online purchases under the same product protection plan.

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What are the top smart home products for renters?

Let's take a look at our five recommended smart home products that can put your mind at ease in the home renting process.

1. Amazon smart plug

An Amazon smart plug outlet extension allows users to schedule electronics to turn on or off according to set times. By syncing it with your Alexa, you can establish a schedule to have lights, fans, or other electronics turn on before you get home or before you wake up. It's a great smart home manager for your electronics that helps prepare your home for your life’s needs without any invasive installation.

2. SimpliSafe doorbell

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t want to protect it. Renters also need the security of knowing that their belongings are safe when they are out for the day, or away for longer periods. This is where a video doorbell comes in.

The SimpliSafe doorbell hooks up to an app on your phone to tell you when someone is at the door. It alerts you to the doorbell ringing or motion near the entrance, and even has night vision capacity. There is two-way audio so that you can respond to someone at your door, and installing this tool doesn’t require you to mess with any of your rental property’s wiring or infrastructure. It's a great addition to your smart home panel of security.

3. Nest Protect

This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm adds an extra level of detail. Lasting up to ten years, this tool will alert your phone if it’s set off and can tell you exactly what’s wrong, so you don’t have to wonder if you have a mysterious gas leak, or simply burned your toast once again. When it’s hooked up to your phone, you can check its battery levels, the location of the issue, and even silence the alarm sound if needed.

4. Eufy camera

Eufy offers a range of security cameras at various price points, and even a 4-camera system that can protect multiple areas on the property. With video doorbells, smart locks, flood lights, and baby monitors, Eufy offers all the essential tools to keep your home safe, both indoors and out.

5. Kwikset smart lock

With the ability to sync the lock with your phone to reset passcodes, lock and unlock remotely, and use identifiers like fingerprints to activate, a Kwikset smart lock is a great device to keep with you. It allows you to have more nuanced control over who enters and leaves your property to keep yourself feeling safe. Plus, if it starts acting up or you just want to change your code, it's easy to do a Kwikset smart lock reset to get things back on track.

Protect your smart home products with Mulberry

If you’re looking for more tools for your smart home hub to help you feel safe and secure, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited and get comprehensive product protection coverage while you shop. You’ll have the opportunity to file unlimited claims, access 24/7 customer support, and more, all without paying any deductibles or hidden fees.

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