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The 5 best smart doorbells to strengthen your home security

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Whether you want to keep track of your deliveries, avoid unwanted solicitors, or simply feel more safe and secure, a smart doorbell is an easy way to upgrade your home. Renters and homeowners alike are opting for these convenient devices, and major companies like Amazon and Google are making some of the leading smart doorbells on the market.

While these devices are typically covered under a manufacturer's warranty, they often end after a year and don't go far enough in providing complete protection. A product protection plan is the only way to ensure your smart doorbell is covered against all types of damage for its entire lifespan. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for and get coverage for your smart doorbell, home security cameras, and more under the same plan. It's affordable protection for the things you use most.

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Top 5 smart doorbells to strengthen your home security

From Amazon's Ring to Google Nest and more, there are no shortage of options on the market for smart doorbells. While each of these doorbells comes with different bells and whistles, what they all have in common is their need for product protection. An extended warranty can help protect your smart doorbell for years to come, which you'll want if its going to live outside your home in numerous different weather conditions.

1. Ring

Probably the most well-known of the smart doorbells, Ring offers an array of options for all your security needs. People use their Ring doorbell for apartments to keep an eye on package deliveries, which is especially helpful if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of anything “going missing.” If you own multiple properties, you can track your Ring doorbells at different locations through the same account. The compact Ring doorbell mounts keep your device safe and secure.

Ring doorbells come at a number of different price points, so there's one for every type of budget. Models range from the Ring Video Doorbell Wired ($38.99) to the Ring Video Doorbell Elite ($349.99).

2. Blink

The Blink doorbell has a wide field of view and provides users with reliable notifications. Although it boasts 1080p HD color, night vision, and motion sensing, it doesn’t have person, package, or vehicle detection—something that is offered by most other brands.

Despite the absence of some key features, this is a great option for those who are on a budget and looking for basic protection. The base Blink doorbell model also comes at an affordable price of $49.99.

3. Google Nest

If you prefer to be over-prepared, you might want to consider the Google Nest doorbell. With 24/7 video recording and AI facial recognition and motion detection, this option will leave you feeling a little more like James Bond than a typical homeowner. Since all your data is constantly uploaded to the cloud, you won’t need to worry about storage space.

That said, Nest doorbell is one of the pricier doorbell options, with both the wired and battery-powered options coming in at $179.99.

4. Arlo

The Arlo smart doorbell camera is known for its fast response times, reliable hardware, and compatibility with various tech systems. You can hook it up to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings for complete integration with your home. The Arlo doorbell camera sends alerts when packages arrive, and even notifies you when people are passing by at a certain distance.

With its sleek design, 180-degree field of view, and blind spot reduction, this brand is among the highest-rated by consumers worldwide. The Arlo doorbell comes in a wired model for $149.99 and a wireless model for $199.99.

5. Eufy

The Eufy doorbell offers 2K image quality, local storage, and person detection, among other things. This is a subscription-free option that includes several features most other companies charge extra for. The local storage holds up to 30 days of video at no extra cost, and the camera can even tell the difference between different moving objects, meaning you won’t get an alert just because there’s a swaying tree in your yard.

There are two wired models and two battery-powered models, so you don’t have to worry about a wired connection if you don’t want one. Prices for the Eufy smart doorbell range from $149.99 for the base wired model to $259.99 for the high-end battery-powered model.

Protect your home and investments with product protection

It's important to note that this list isn't comprehensive, and great options like the SimpliSafe doorbell didn't make the cut. However, once you decide which smart doorbell has the features you’re looking for, the next step is protecting your investment. While most of these companies only offer a basic manufacturer’s warranty, you can get affordable protection like Mulberry Unlimited for events and malfunctions that aren’t typically covered by a limited protection plan.

When you know your purchase is protected, it gives you more freedom to choose the camera you really want. Even if the doorbell costs a little bit more than you planned, you can rest assured that any repair or replacement won’t come at any extra cost to you.

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