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Tech to help tackle your spring cleaning to-do list

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We might dread it every time spring rolls around, but the infamous spring cleaning is something all of us should do. After all, there's nothing like some deep cleaning and organizing to welcome in the start of warmer weather! With so many tasks to accomplish, you might feel overwhelmed just thinking about how you’re going to get it all done.

Luckily, advancements in technology have made things like cleaning all the more convenient, and some products are even programmed well enough to do the work for you. Whenever you're shopping for the latest cleaning tech, remember to keep product protection in mind. An extended warranty plan can ensure you aren't left on the hook for expensive repair or replacement costs if an item breaks down or gets damaged in some way. Install the Mulberry browser extension before you shop to find the latest product protection plans, view deals, and even earn rewards.

Gadgets to help boost your spring cleaning 

When you have the right tools at home, it's so much easier to maintain your space. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top cleaning gadgets you’ll want to consider trying for your spring cleaning adventures.

Roomba j7+

If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner that allows you to remain as hands-off as possible, look no further than the Roomba j7+. This advanced robot vacuum cleaner uses AI-powered technology to make its way around your home and avoid furniture and other obstacles. It even has a self-emptying feature, which means you won't have to empty the dustbin each time you use it.

Cost: $799.99 on Amazon, however it often goes on sale.

Braava Jet M6

Once the sweeping and vacuuming is done, the Braava Jet M6 can take care of mopping. Using precision jet spray and advanced mapping technology, this robot mop can clean your floors efficiently without you lifting a finger. Control it using your smartphone or voice commands.

Cost: $449.99 on Amazon.

Shark air purifier

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, air purifiers remove unwanted allergens and pollutants to make the air around you much cleaner. Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s much healthier to have an air purifier in your home. The Shark air purifier features a HEPA filter that can capture 99.98% of dust and allergens, and a UV-C light that can help kill bacteria and viruses.

Cost: $329.99 on Amazon.

Tineco iFloor 3

The Tineco iFloor 3 is perfect if you want a versatile floor cleaner that can take on a mixture of wet and dry messes. Featuring a powerful suction motor and a scrubbing brush, it can clean all types of floors, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. The self-cleaning feature also makes it much easier to keep the brush clean. This isn’t a hands-off robot device, but it helps you get the job done.

Cost: $279.99 on Amazon.

Homitt electric spin scrubber

The Homitt electric spin scrubber is perfect for hard-to-reach areas and stubborn stains. Featuring a rotating brush head that can tackle grime and dirt in tight spaces, this handheld scrubber also has a long battery life and multiple brush heads for different cleaning tasks.

Cost: $49.99 at Walmart.

Find cutting-edge tools at Wellbots

Wellbots is an online store that carries all of your cutting-edge spring cleaning gadgets, including the latest Roomba and Braava models. They also offer free shipping on orders over $200.


While spring cleaning can often feel like a daunting task, all you need are the right tech tools to help lighten your load. From robot vacuums to air purifiers, there are several options on the market to help make your spring cleaning faster and more efficient.

Whether you're looking for a hands-free vacuum cleaner or a powerful scrubber, these tech tools can help you tackle your spring cleaning to-do list with ease. Remember to install the Mulberry browser extension so you can earn rewards for shopping and even qualify for free extended warranty coverage on eligible items.

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