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How to care for your refrigerator so it lasts

Man wearing blue shirt and yellow rubber gloves cleaning a refrigerator

When you think about purchases you’re excited about, chances are your refrigerator doesn’t make the top of the list. While most of us rely heavily on our refrigerators to function properly and keep our food and beverages properly chilled, it’s definitely an investment we prefer to make as infrequently as possible.

While most refrigerators are designed to last 10 years, they still need proper maintenance so they can perform and last for their entire lifespan. In addition to maintenance, an extended warranty plan can ensure you aren't left on the hook for expensive repair and replacement costs should your refrigerator break down. Install the Mulberry browser extension to see all the warranty plans available for your refrigerator while you shop.

Let’s take a look at some important tips for refrigerator maintenance to help your appliance last as long as possible.

Keep the condenser coils clean

One of the best ways to keep your refrigerator in top shape is by properly cleaning the condenser coils. If you’re not sure what a condenser coil is, don’t worry–you’re not alone. Condenser coils are the small coils found along the back or the bottom of the fridge, and are responsible for keeping the refrigerant cool and condensed.

Unfortunately, these little coils are also prone to collecting dust, dirt, and anything else that finds its way to them. When the condenser coils become too dirty, they are no longer able to properly perform their cooling function, which forces your refrigerator’s compressor to work harder than it should. This may cause your refrigerator to break down or wear out prematurely, which is why it’s important to keep the condenser coils clean.

To clean them, all you’ll need is a vacuum and refrigerator coil cleaner to clear out the debris and dirt that has collected. For best results, you should clean your condenser coils every six months.

Clean the door gaskets

Another way to keep your refrigerator running smoothly is by regularly cleaning the door gaskets. The door gaskets are the seals around the door of your refrigerator, and are responsible for regulating the refrigerator temperature by keeping cold air inside and warm air out. To do this effectively, the door gaskets need to form a proper seal.

Keeping the door gaskets clean is as easy as wiping away crumbs and spills with a wet cloth or paper towel. Just be sure to dry them off before you close the fridge door, or mold might become a problem.

Tidy up the drip pan

The drip pan is perhaps the most forgotten part of the refrigerator, but it’s also one of the areas that needs the most cleaning. A refrigerator’s drip pan is a tray located near the bottom of the fridge that's responsible for collecting extra water resulting from the refrigerator’s defrost cycle. Unfortunately, if the drip pan is not cleaned every now and then, it can become a serious mold problem.

Cleaning the drip pan is easy. All you need is a brush, disinfectant spray, and water, and you’re all set. Beyond helping keep your refrigerator in good shape, this maintenance can also prevent bad smells from permeating your refrigerator and kitchen.

Final thoughts

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to extend your refrigerator’s life. By keeping it clean and cared for, you’ll prevent future problems, and even protect yourself against possible health issues from mold and bacteria buildup.

Another great way to protect your refrigerator is by investing in product protection. Even with regular maintenance, our refrigerators can sometimes fail, and manufacturer warranties typically don’t provide the coverage we wish they did. Extended warranty plans like MulberryCare provide excellent coverage for an affordable price, giving you peace of mind in the event that your refrigerator malfunctions and needs expensive repairs or even a premature replacement. Plus, if you have MulberryCare for your refrigerator, it covers up to $500 in food loss replacement.

Install Mulberry’s free browser extension so you can get notifications about the product protection plans that are available to you as you’re shopping. As a bonus, you’ll also get three months of product protection for free simply by signing up!

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