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The best BBQs and grills for summer

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When the weather changed for the better and you can start grilling for friends and family, you need to be prepared. Whether you love to throw large outdoor gatherings or prefer more intimate group settings, using the right grill will make a huge difference in your experience and the quality of your food.

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What is the best outdoor grill?

When it comes to deciding which grill is going to be the best for your household, you have to determine your budget, available outdoor space, and whether you’re interested in special features like lighting and built-in temperature probes.

If you want something with all the bells and whistles at a fair price, the Weber Genesis EX-335 Smart Grill, is a good option, available now for $1,179. You can even monitor your food’s internal temperature from the Weber Connect app!

What is the best affordable grill?

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, don’t worry. There are plenty of small BBQ grills that work just as well as larger models. For example, a classic Weber Charcoal Grill is a great option if you want something that’s easy to move around when not in use, but still functional enough to handle a full house. It's available for $155.

If you’re not concerned about size but still want something with great value, the Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas grill is available for just $349.

What type of BBQ grill is the most efficient?

Although many people prefer the traditional experience of a charcoal grill, gas is going to be the more efficient option. When you use a gas-powered BBQ grill, propane is better for the environment when compared to the emissions from charcoal. They’re also easier to clean up, so maintenance won’t feel like as much of a chore.

What is the best way to clean a BBQ grill?

The best way to clean a BBQ grill will obviously depend on the type of grill you have. Make sure whatever BBQ grill cleaner you buy is made for whichever model you own. Any time you plan on cleaning your grill, make sure it’s turned off and completely cooled down.

Remove the grates to clean any excess debris with a grill brush and soak the grates in warm soapy water, and spot treat to clean areas with your specialized BBQ grill cleaner. Before you reassemble the unit, make sure everything is thoroughly rinsed and dry.

Should you cover your grill?

Even if you grill every chance you get, you should always cover it when it’s not in use if you want it to last you for years to come. Luckily, BBQ grill covers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so it’s easy to find one for your grill without breaking the bank.


There’s nothing better than the feeling of summer approaching and having the right BBQ or grill can make a huge difference in your summer gatherings. Whether you prefer the classic smoky flavor of charcoal grills or the convenience of gas grills, there’s a perfect grill for everyone. Just make sure you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited before making any new purchases. You’ll get coverage for all your items under the same product protection plan, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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