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Which Appliances Need Extended Warranties?

Shoppers expect appliances to last a long time. In fact, most customers expect their major appliances to last ten years, according to a survey from Consumer Reports.

However, manufacturer’s warranties are limited in length and coverage, with most only lasting for one to two years. And with complex parts, advanced technologies, and heavy usage, many customers find their appliances start to have problems earlier than that 10-year mark. 

This problem is why extended warranties are a popular choice. There are a variety of home appliances that you can get extended warranties on. This includes large household appliances like refrigerators and washer and dryers, and smaller household appliances like coffee makers and toaster ovens.

What does an appliance warranty cover?

The coverage of an appliance warranty depends on the type of warranty and the terms of that contract. Below is a brief overview of several warranty types, but read our guide on what a warranty covers for more information on each.

An appliance manufacturer warranty comes free with a new appliance purchase. The length varies depending on the product type and company. If something goes wrong within that period of time that is due to a fault in manufacturing, the company will repair or replace it.

An appliance extended warranty, or protection plan, is an option that offers more coverage for an additional cost. It can extend the length of a manufacturer’s warranty, or cover additional things like breaks or accidents within the extended warranty period. You can purchase it at the time of the product or add an extended warranty after your purchase.

A home warranty is a policy option for new homeowners. It covers multiple home appliances and systems that come with the new home.

How long does an appliance warranty last?

A manufacturer’s warranty for appliances has a huge range—anything from one month to ten years. The length depends on the product type, manufacturer, and specifics of the warranty. For example, LG offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on most of their refrigerators, but they have a 10-year warranty on specific parts, like the compressor, within the refrigerator. No matter the product type, it’s safe to assume that if your product breaks down within 30 days of your purchase, it should fall under the manufacturer’s warranty.

An extended warranty covering appliances lasts for the amount of time you choose at purchase of the warranty. Some companies may only offer one option for an extended warranty length, while others give you several plan length options. Longer term warranties offer better value, but a shorter warranty will come at a lower cost and are a good fit if you are not planning to use the product for a long time.

How do I know if my appliance is under warranty?

Because there is such a large range in warranty lengths and coverage, you need to check the details of your warranty agreement to know if your appliance issue is covered under warranty.

For most appliance warranties, there are several places you can look for information.

  • Check the outside of the appliance for any information, including a model number. If you have a home system appliance like a water heater, it’s likely there is a sticker with the product details, installation date, and warranty information directly on it.
  • Look for product documentation, including the receipt and owner’s manual. The appliance owner’s manual will likely have the manufacturer warranty information. The purchase receipt may have information about your extended warranty including when it started, who the provider is, and how to file a claim. If you purchased it online, look for an order confirmation email to see if there is warranty information.
  • Go on the manufacturer’s website to see if you can find details about your appliance warranty. If you are within the length of your manufacturer’s warranty, get in touch with customer service for any questions.
  • If you purchased it at a store location, contact them with your product details and date of purchase. They can direct you to the manufacturer or warranty provider to fulfill your warranty claim.

For Mulberry warranties on appliances, your steps are simple. A dashboard with your warranty details was created at your time of purchase, which you can always access through your Mulberry confirmation email or at the Mulberry customer dashboard. You can log in at any time to see your warranty details and plan length and to get answers to your questions specific to your policy.

What appliances need extended warranties?

The top considerations people use when deciding about an extended warranty on an appliance purchase are item cost, cost of repair or replacement, risk of wear and tear, and amount of time they plan to use the product for. Customers who use these factors often end up choosing the same types of products to get an extended warranty on, and 58% report they would get a warranty on appliances. 

Some of the most common appliances to get an extended warranty on include large household appliances like:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Washer and Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens and Stoves
  • Heaters and Air conditioners

As well as smaller household appliances like:

  • Coffee makers
  • Stand mixers
  • Toaster ovens
  • Instant Pots
  • Air fryers
  • Blenders

Check out our full guide on when to buy an extended warranty for more on what factors to consider.

Who has the best appliance extended warranty?

There are several ways to get appliance warranties. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, they may have their own extended warranty option available.

Direct from the manufacturer

You can buy many appliances directly from the manufacturer websites. Some manufacturers like LG and GE have warranty options available through their site. Kitchen appliance maker Breville offers extended warranties on many of their appliances when you buy directly from them online.

Store warranty

If you buy from a store like Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, or Sears, they may offer a third party warranty from another company that you can add at the time of purchase.

Third-party warranty

You can also buy an appliance anywhere and choose to get your warranty directly from a warranty provider. With the Mulberry shopping browser extension, you can compare our warranty costs to those on the site and add a Mulberry warranty directly while shopping.

Get the best extended warranty for your appliances

If you’re looking for an appliance warranty that will cover the things you care about at a low-cost, do your research. Finding the right extended warranty can help your product last longer and save you from expensive repairs or replacements later on.

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