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The best gifts for new parents

Women at a baby shower with gifts

Getting a gift for a new parent can always be difficult. Should you get something for them, or for the baby? What do they already have? How much should you spend? And if you don't know much about kids, it can make this process all the more difficult.

Thankfully, we have you covered with the best gifts for new parents at all different price points. And while you're at it, be sure to go that extra step and get product protection for your gift so it's covered in case it becomes damaged or breaks down. Especially when it comes to babies, anything can happen, and your new parent friends won't be able to thank you enough when they find out your gift is covered under an extended warranty.

Baby Brezza food maker

Making your own baby food can be a great economical option. The Baby Brezza food maker will steam and puree all at once. Parents can use it well past infancy for fun sauces or soups, too.

By gifting a new parent a Baby Brezza food maker, you’re giving them the gift of convenience and savings. At $199.99, it is pricey, but the added features provide a ton of functionality new parents will love.

Infant floor seat

Every new parent wishes they had another pair of hands, and with an infant floor seat, you can give them just that. Infant floor seats allow parents to safely put their baby down while still keeping them close. Usually infant floor seats have built in sounds, soothing vibrations or movement, and toys that will keep baby calm and occupied while mom or dad gets something else done.

The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat for Infants and Babies is a great option, and starts at just $42.99 on Amazon.

Baby night light

Gifting a new parent a baby night light is a great choice because everyone can use them, and they really come in handy for those late-night feedings and diaper changes. It's a high-tech option that will be used for years to come.

The Hatch Rest Plus offers added features, including unique sounds and color options that will soothe both babies and parents. It goes for $89.99 on the Hatch website.

Honest diapers 

Honest diapers are a great gift for new parents because any baby can wear them. They're made with plant-based, chlorine-free materials that are soft on the baby’s skin, but also keep them dry with a bubble liner that quickly draws wetness away.

As a bonus, Honest offers a subscription option that provides convenience along with some nice savings, too. You can make a one-time purchase of up to 35 diapers per pack for $11.99, or subscribe for delivery every 4 weeks for $11.39.

Nursing cover

An extremely useful gift for any new parent is a nursing cover. Those early days of trying to navigate breastfeeding while on the go can feel so exposing, even if you’re doing it in a private room. Gifting a new mom a nursing cover can help her and baby feel covered while still being breathable.

For some added versatility, nursing covers typically double as a car seat cover too, so if nursing doesn’t work out for whatever reason, the parents can still use it. The Honey Cocoon nursing cover from We Are Amma goes for $99, and can also turn into a poncho.

Protect your gift with MulberryCare

Product protection is another great gift for new parents. Ensuring their gift is covered by an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can protect it in case of accidents, damage, and other potential problems.

Install the free Mulberry browser extension to view available product protection plans in real time while you shop, and get three months of product protection absolutely free.

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