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Why you need an extended warranty for your luggage

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Many of us head into a new year resolving to travel more, experience more, relax more. But travel isn't always relaxing, especially if you run into challenges with your luggage. In fact, according to the Bureau of Transportation, baggage handlers in the United States lost over 2 million bags in 2021.

Whether you experienced lost or damaged luggage yourself, heard about it from a friend, or saw it happen to someone else, there’s no denying that it’s an unavoidable risk you take as a traveler. And it doesn't have to be air travel that damages your luggage. Every type of transportation from busses to trains to your own personal roadtripping vehicle causes wear and tear to your luggage. When you have an extended warranty like MulberryCare, you can get extended warranty coverage for luggage that protects against damage to your luggage that won't be covered by the manufacturer.

While most of the baggage transported by airlines does eventually make it to the right destination, you shouldn’t assume that yours is going to be in the mix (or on time). Even if it is, you might discover that your belongings aren’t intact because of mishandling and damage caused by airline staff. If you haven't looked into travel insurance, it can cover lost luggage and even credit you for baggage delays.

But you're still going to need an extended warranty to protect your actual luggage. Some manufacturer's offer limited warranty coverage, so if you don't have an extended warranty it's always good to see what the luggage manufacturer covers before you foot the bill for replacements. For a frame of reference, let’s take a look at the Samsonite luggage manufacturer’s warranty. Most luggage manufacturers follow the same basic warranty protocol, though read the fine print to see exactly what's covered by each manufacturer.

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What does the Samsonite luggage warranty cover?

Samsonite provides coverage under their limited global warranty to the original purchaser or gift recipient of the luggage item. If there is a manufacturing defect with your product, Samsonite will provide the necessary repair or replacement through one of their approved service providers.

Depending on the specific purchase, your item might come with a 3-year, 10-year, or lifetime-limited warranty. The conditions of each are more or less the same, it’s just the term of the contracts that differ.

What a Samsonite luggage warranty doesn’t cover

Like most manufacturer warranties, this one only applies to manufacturing defects and won’t cover wear and tear or other damage caused by misuse. This can include anything from exposure to extreme temperatures to damage during transport. Basically, anything that happens by accident and not because of a production error isn’t going to be covered under a standard manufacturer's warranty policy.

Where to find an extended warranty for your luggage

If you only rely on standard warranty coverage for your luggage, you could find yourself dealing with some costly repairs or replacements. Even “budget-friendly” brands cost hundreds of dollars for a new suitcase. Instead of subjecting yourself to a new purchase every time something unexpected happens, you can protect yourself for the long haul with an extended warranty and focus on the destination, not the travel hassles getting there.

With MulberryCare, you can explore production protection plans in real-time as you shop for the luggage you’re going to purchase for your next big vacation. Simply install the browser extension and you’ll be making worry-free purchases in no time. No more pulling out the suitcase for a big trip just to find a broken wheel or busted zipper. Mulberry also covers items like duffel bags, backpacks, laptop cases, and purses. Get MulberryCare today and get on your way!


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