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The best laptops for people on a budget

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Computers are some of the most expensive purchases we make, and they're also some of the most essential. Although models like the MacBook Pro have a large footprint on the computer market, there are many alternatives available for those working with a lower budget. This lower price point might come with some sacrifices to the processing power and performance of each computer, but not every computer needs to be the most high-powered product on the market.

Regardless of whether you're shopping for the most expensive computer or a budget-friendly laptop, the need for product protection is the same. An extended warranty plan can ensure your laptop is covered in case of accidents, damage, and even normal wear tear, to name just a few. Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view product protection plans available on your laptops in real time.

Let's take a look at the 5 laptops we recommend for customers on a budget.

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface has a sleek minimalist look and a 13.5-inch display, which rivals that of a MacBook. The Series 5 also features a touch screen, which gives it the best features of both a tablet and a laptop. They are available in a variety of storage sizes (8-32GB) and processor types (Intel Evo i5 or i7), depending on the version you look for.

  • Price: Around $1,000 on Amazon for the most basic model, up to around $1,200.
  • Pros: Sleek design, high-quality keyboard, decent battery life.
  • Cons: Low-quality webcam, not as high-performing as other laptops, overpriced for what it offers.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 laptop is a good solution for anyone who needs to manage word documents, spreadsheets, meetings, or emails on the go. It has a 15.6-inch screen, making it larger than the Microsoft Surface Laptop, however its affordability shows up in some of the performance and user-friendliness features. That said, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 makes for a great budget option to do basic computer work.

  • Price: Around $400 on Amazon.
  • Pros: Highly transportable, well-built, high-quality webcam for video, solid performer for standard productivity and work tasks.
  • Cons: Small keyboard and touchpad makes it difficult to use for extended periods, no USB-C charging, low-performing CPU for more advanced tasks.

Acer Chromebook

There are several variations of the Acer Chromebook, so customers can find one that meets their performance and price needs, with some as low as under $100 on Amazon. They work as a solution to basic computing needs, however many Acer Chromebook models aren’t that powerful.

  • Price: Prices range based on specs, but can fall anywhere between $85-$600.
  • Pros: Excellent battery life, highly secure, durable for travel, easy to set up.
  • Cons: Minimal storage, lower-quality display, budget CPU capacity, only 4GB of RAM.

 Dell Inspiron 15

The Dell Inspiron 15 is a solid computer for essential business use, and ideal for traveling because of its sturdy and lightweight design. It also features a number pad, which helps users who are working in spreadsheets. With a lower-quality webcam, this wouldn’t be the ideal option for someone who spends a lot of time on video calls.

  • Price: Around $400.
  • Pros: Value for price, core i5 processor, wide screen, solid build, lightweight.
  • Cons: Low battery life, poor screen resolution, slow hard drive, offset keyboard that makes it hard to type, no USB-C.

Asus Chromebook

Like many other chromebook options, the Asus Chromebook offers enhanced security, a reliable battery, and optimal transportability. Additionally, the popular Flipbook option provides the features of a tablet, making it a 2-in-1 device. However, as is consistent with other chromebooks, the storage isn’t great, and the CPU is also less ideal than more expensive options.

  • Price: Range $130 - $400 depending on specs.
  • Pros: Over 10 hours of battery life, ultra-thin.
  • Cons: Budget CPU and RAM.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

When shopping for your next laptop, it's important to consider product protection to truly make the best purchase possible. An extended warranty plan can ensure your laptop is protected against any type of damage it might encounter, allowing you to save money.

Install Mulberry’s free browser extension to find protection plans and warranties for your items in real time, so you can make the best comparisons as you shop.

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