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Is AppleCare+ for your Mac worth it?

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While Apple has a reputation for high quality computers, it’s not exactly known for being inexpensive. That’s why deciding whether or not to invest in a warranty for your Mac can be a tough choice.

While AppleCare+ has its benefits, there’s a lot you should know before deciding if it’s the best warranty option out there. You might be asking yourself questions such as “Is AppleCare for a MacBook Pro worth it?” and “How long does AppleCare last for my Mac?” In this article, we’ll answer these and other questions to help you decide whether or not AppleCare+ is the best warranty option for you.

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What is AppleCare and what does it cover?

For starters, it’s important to understand what regular AppleCare is and how it compares to AppleCare+.

When you purchase an Apple product, you’ll almost always get a limited warranty that covers incidents like hardware issues and manufacturing defects, and provides a three month period of priority technical support. This is referred to as AppleCare. Regular AppleCare for your Mac lasts for up to one year from the time of purchase.

What does AppleCare include?

There are two main components:

  • Coverage for hardware defects. AppleCare covers internal hardware issues and manufacturing defects within the first year of purchase, such as your Mac failing to charge or not turning on.
  • Technical support for 90 days. AppleCare also includes a 90 day period of technical support. Customers can call Apple 24/7 to get help from their experts with questions such as how to set up iCloud, how to screenplay, or how to create custom settings on their Mac.

What doesn't AppleCare include?

  • Accidental damage. AppleCare doesn’t cover any kind of accidental damage. AppleCare excludes damage from liquid spills, screen punctures or cracks, or damage from incidents such as dropping your Mac (ugh). In other words, standard AppleCare only covers issues that were present in the Mac when you bought it, and only if they emerge during the first year of use.
  • More than 90 days of technical support. With standard AppleCare, after the first three months of purchasing your Mac, you’re on your own for solving technical questions.

What is AppleCare+?

For a longer warranty term, an extended period of technical support, and more complete coverage, Apple offers a paid extended warranty option called AppleCare+. For Macs, AppleCare+ extends the warranty and technical support for up to three years from the time of purchase.

What does AppleCare+ cover for Macs?

AppleCare+ covers two main categories for Macs:

  • Technical support. AppleCare+ customers enjoy up to three years (or the duration of the AppleCare+ coverage) of 24/7, priority telephone access to Apple experts for help with technical questions such as setting up iCloud, connecting to printers and Wifi services, and using Apple apps.
  • Hardware repair. AppleCare+ provides access to different repair options:
    • Carry-in repair: Allows you to take your Mac into an Apple store or other Apple-approved repair location.
    • Mail-in repair: Allows you to send your Mac in for repair by mail with the cost of shipping covered by Apple.
    • On-site repair: For desktop Macs, AppleCare+ allows you to request that the repair service come to your location.

It's important to take advantage of your AppleCare+ repair options, as something like a MacBook screen repair cost without AppleCare+ will be a lot more expensive than with it.

What Mac repairs are covered by Apple?

AppleCare+ covers more than the Mac itself. Here is what is included in AppleCare+ coverage:

  • The Mac computer
  • All included Mac accessories
  • AirPort devices (if they were purchased within 2 years of the Mac)
  • Battery replacement, if the original battery reaches less than 80% capacity
  • Apple USB Superdrive

What doesn't AppleCare+ for Mac cover? Does AppleCare cover a lost MacBook?

Unfortunately, AppleCare+ does not cover a lost or stolen Mac (ugh). If your Mac is lost or stolen, the warranty becomes useless and you’ll be on your own replacing your very expensive computer.

The cost of AppleCare+ for Mac also doesn’t include coverage for any other products. You’ll have to buy separate AppleCare+ plans for each product you want to insure. That’s why finding the lowest-cost warranty with the best coverage is important. Mulberry offers a free browser extension to help you find the best coverage possible for any product.

How much does AppleCare+ for Mac cost?

The cost of AppleCare+ depends both on your Mac system and the payment plan you choose. AppleCare+ offers two payment plans: subscription-based or a fixed, 3-year plan. In the long run, the annual rate is cheaper if you choose to go with the fixed term plan, but the subscription based plan allows you to decide annually if you want to renew.

The cost of AppleCare+ for Mac ranges anywhere from $99-$399 for a fixed term plan, and $34.99-$149.99 for an annual subscription.

It’s also important to note that repairs still aren’t free after purchasing AppleCare+. While you are entitled to an unlimited number of claims, each claim will cost you a pretty penny. For incidents involving screen damage or external damage, each incident will cost $99. For other accidental damage, expect a $299 charge.

Should I get AppleCare+ for Mac?

Whether or not you should get AppleCare+ mainly depends on your preference and your budget. While accidental coverage is convenient and may bring you peace of mind, it’s important to remember that AppleCare+ comes with a hefty price tag, and each claim or repair will cost you. Before you commit to AppleCare+, check out MulberryCare to discover what affordable product coverage is available to you.

Alternatives to AppleCare+ for Mac

While AppleCare+ may be the most well-known warranty option for Macs, it’s not the only one. When deciding whether or not to purchase AppleCare+ for your Mac, it’s important to explore all of your AppleCare alternative options. For example, companies like Mulberry offer product coverage for prices that are often more competitively priced than AppleCare+, but with even better coverage.

When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you’ll get access to affordable product protection for all your Apple products. You'll get coverage for everything under the same protection plan, complete with unlimited claims and coverage, for just $9.99 a month. Also, you won't have to check AppleCare coverage every time something goes wrong, because you know you'll be covered.

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