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The best places to shop to save on DIY projects

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Ready to start your next DIY project, but wondering where to buy supplies? DIY projects are fun, but can easily become expensive if you don’t know where to shop. Luckily, it’s easy to find awesome deals on DIY materials–you just have to know where to look!

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Where are the best places to shop for DIY projects?

Here are some of the best places to shop to save on DIY projects.

Home Depot

If you’re looking for great deals and plenty of flexibility, you can’t go wrong with Home Depot. From lumber to tools to paint and much more, Home Depot has everything a DIYer could need, and all for a competitive price.

For extra savings, be sure to look for the yellow sales tags on products as you’re browsing the aisles. These tags indicate extra markdowns and are a great way to snag an awesome deal. If you’re a DIYer who likes to purchase a few things to try before committing, you’ll also appreciate Home Depot’s return policy–almost every product you buy can be returned within 90 days.

To enjoy even more perks, be sure to join the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. You’ll get rewards back for money you spend, access to exclusive deals and promotions, personalized deals, and much more.


There are very few DIY materials you can’t find at Lowe’s. With a large variety of selection and reasonable pricing, for most DIYers, shopping at Lowe’s is a great choice. One of Lowe’s best shopping perks is their price match guarantee. Whether you’re shopping online or in store, the Lowe’s Price Promise allows you to request a price match for any item that is sold at a lower price point from another retailer. The Lowe’s item has to be an exact match with the item from the other retailer, and there are a few things that can’t be price matched (such as labor, installation, and other services), but overall, it’s a great way to guarantee that you’re getting the best possible prices for your items.

If you own a small business, Lowe’s also has a loyalty program, called the MVP Pros Rewards Program, that can help you save even more on your supplies. You can earn money back in Lowe’s gift cards, enter to win big prizes, and enjoy access to exclusive offers. It’s a great way to save some extra money as you purchase supplies for your business.

Lowe’s has a 90-day return policy for most items. This means if you change your mind about materials you bought for a project, you can return them for a full refund anytime within the first three months after your purchase date.

Ace Hardware

Although it’s not the best place to find huge pieces of lumber or major power tools, Ace Hardware is great for smaller-scale DIY supplies. Known as the “helpful hardware store”, Ace Hardware is popular for their great customer service and deals on all of your DIY needs.

If you’re looking for paint for your latest project, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware paint is known for its quality, and you’ll find it in every color, tone, and variety you can imagine. You can also find painting supplies, primers, stains, and sealants. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your painting needs!

For extra perks and savings, consider joining the Ace Rewards Program. It’s free, and you’ll enjoy free delivery for qualifying purchases, earn cash back for money you spend, and even get exclusive, members-only savings. To keep track of your savings, be sure to download the Ace app. You’ll be able to see how close you are to your next reward, and you’ll get a $5 credit for free, simply by downloading the app!

Save on your DIY supplies today

DIY-ing is a fun hobby, and it’s even better when you’re saving money at the same time. For the best savings, it’s important to shop at the stores with the best deals, and for even better discounts, be sure to join the stores’ rewards programs where possible!

For larger purchases such as power tools and other similar supplies, be sure to think about product protection. One of the best ways to save money is by getting the most longevity out of your purchases, and investing in a product protection plan is a great way to do that. Be sure to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for all your purchases under the same product protection plan!

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