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Home Depot hacks to take your DIY project to the next level

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If you’re looking to make home improvements, Home Depot is your likely destination to get materials for projects of all sizes and types. Whether you're working in the garden, caring for your lawn, or trying to improve your storage solutions inside of your bedroom, Home Depot has materials available for you to use so that you can be sure your DIY endeavor turns out to be a success.

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What are tips for shopping at Home Depot?

Check out some of our ideas for great outdoor projects and must haves from Home Depot.

Bird feeder

The Home Depot DIY bird feeder is a simple project that the store even provides instructions for on their website. Described as a project for beginners that takes under 2 hours, you can purchase all of the materials, including the wood, mesh screen, and screws from Home Depot and follow along to create a cute destination for your outdoor friends to have a snack. You can easily bring the instructions in-store or order the necessary materials online to complete this project on a weekend afternoon.


If you plan to do any gardening this summer, you’ll need a wheelbarrow to transport soil, weeds, and other heavy natural materials around your property. Picking a Home Depot wheelbarrow may be overwhelming, as they have roughly 50 options available ranging from metal to plastic and steel. For most at-home yard use, however, a general plastic wheelbarrow will do the trick, and Home Depot has a popular Husky option for $139.00.


Although you should hire a professional if you're looking to create a brick or stone walkway or lay a brick wall, for some DIY projects, you can purchase Home Depot bricks to create structures yourself. Bricks can serve as a solution to create a garden edge, build a small bird bath, or even a tiny DIY bench.

Home Depot carries various thicknesses and colors so you can create a grey, red, or concrete structure to meet your needs. They also have brick sheets, which make it easier to create a convincing façade without having to perform such strenuous labor.

Patio décor & furniture

If you’re looking to create a comfortable and welcoming feel on your deck or porch, you can shop for a variety of durable outdoor furniture from Home Depot, including couches, chair and table sets, and umbrellas. You can also find Home Depot outdoor lighting to create ambiance, light your pathway, or create a sense of safety in your backyard and driveway with landscape lighting, decorative sconces, or string lighting.


If you want to up your storage game and live a more organized life, you're going to have to find bins and shelves to strategically arrange the inside of your closets. But you are also going to have to be sure that you keep your closet doors shut to conceal all of your items. Home Depot closet doors are easy to install and come in a variety of looks so they can fit right in with your current home design.

Bathroom renovation

Renovating your bathroom is a reliable way to increase the value of your home. Upgrade your vanity, focus on storage, and create a luxury experience in the shower and bath area to elevate it from its current condition. Home Depot shower doors are a great addition that will bring your space to the next level and give your shower that hotel feel, without having to rip up your entire bathroom.

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