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DIY tips to make your Lowe's purchases stand out

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If you're looking to upgrade your indoor and outdoor spaces, shopping at Lowe’s gives you the chance to find everything you need, including materials, inspiration, and installation support. While Lowe’s offers high-quality items in a range of styles, there are some steps you can take to make your purchases stand out even more.

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How to make the most of your Lowe’s purchases

With Lowe's, you can add a personal touch, get inspiration from their DIY blog, or get support from their team.

Be playful with your outdoor spaces

If you've decorated your deck, porch, or patio with Lowe's patio furniture, you are already benefiting from the comfort and functionality of pieces like their large, comfortable Stratford Outdoor Sectional couch or their versatile dining tables and chairs, like the RST Deco set that comes in eight color options.

But if you want to continue to add a personal touch to your outdoor furniture details, there are a few DIY projects you can take on. We recommend painting or refinishing the classic Adirondack chair or adding tiled surfaces to end tables and footrests to incorporate personalized pattern and color details.

Get creative with your storage solutions

Having effective storage throughout your home can give you peace of mind, as well as a more frictionless day-to-day. Lowe’s offers storage solutions, including shelving, closet systems, bins and containers, cabinet systems, and more. Popular items like ClosetMaid wired shelving offers you the flexibility of designing a closet layout that serves your needs and purposes in a custom format, so you can keep your clutter hidden.

Furthermore, if you want to incorporate this feel into your kitchen, you may want to consider hidden storage solutions when it comes to your Lowe’s refrigerator or Lowe’s dishwashers so that your cabinetry can have a streamlined look.

Make the most of Lowe’s plywood

At Lowe’s, you can purchase sheets of plywood, and even get your pieces cut to specified sizes. Although plywood is generally thought of as a building material, it's also a reliable option that can serve as the starting point for any DIY project.

Making the most of plywood, you can create minimalist shelving, comfortable benches, outdoor garden beds, and more. Finish the plywood with a stain, paint over it in a solid color, cover it with contact paper, or leave it raw for a more industrial feel. You can easily add customized storage, seating, and decorative solutions to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Learn from Lowe’s DIY ideas

DIY-U by Lowe’s is a program of workshops offered by experienced staff members. They teach you various skills on-demand, like how to build a garden bed, how to build an accent wall, or how to install cabinets and countertops.

They also offer children’s programs to help young kids create photo frames, pickup trucks, and other fun projects. Their DIY blog and how-to forum offers inspirational posts, instructional guides, and renovation advice that covers appliances and installation.

Get help with installation

If you are planning to take on a larger renovation project, you don’t have to worry about hiring a full contractor team when you buy your items and appliances at Lowe’s. They offer home services and install items for you as a customer, ranging from Lowe's exterior doors to countertops, washer and dryer units, flooring, and more. These services make it simple to get your shopping, designing, and building done all in one place.

Make sure you’re covered with Mulberry

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