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The best workout mirrors to get you up and moving

Woman exercising with weights in front of a workout mirror

Fitness technology has come a long way, especially in the last decade. Now, instead of gazing into the mirror and wishing you could just make physical changes right then and there, you actually can. Workout mirrors are still new to the fitness equipment space, but they're quickly becoming a popular choice for exercise.

When it comes to such a large purchase, it's important to consider adding product protection. An extended warranty can help protect your workout mirror from any type of accident or damage that might occur while you're using it, allowing you to focus on having the best workout possible. Install the Mulberry browser extension to see all the protection plans available for your products.

What are the top workout mirrors?

These fully-equipped home workout machines are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Considering you won’t be paying for a gym membership, the investment is worth the higher price tag. Working out effectively at home has never been easier.


You might be wondering if the Lululemon mirror is worth the hype—and our research shows that it is. Not only do members gain access to top fitness trainers and classes, but you can even speak to trainers through two-way audio. Although this machine doesn’t come with equipment, you’ll appreciate its sleek design, which can easily fit with any interior aesthetic.

  • Price: Ranges from $795-$1,695.
  • Subscription fee: $39/month.

Tempo Studio

Fitness enthusiasts love Tempo for its oversized touchscreen and floor-standing easel design. The Tempo Studio starter package comes with two 7.5-pound dumbbells, kettlebell, roller, mat, and even a heart monitor.

Although this mirror comes at a higher price, it’s definitely worth it if you’re focused on strength training. This machine uses advanced AI and 3D technology to provide you with real-time feedback so you can always be on track with getting the best possible results.

  • Price: Ranges from $2,495-$3,995.
  • Subscription fee: $39/month.

NordicTrack Vault

People love the NordicTrack Vault for several reasons—it comes with supplemental equipment and storage, easily operates with touchscreen controls, and the classes have a great reputation. Although it stands high at 6 feet tall, it easily blends in with any type of interior décor.

It’s easy to stay focused with high-quality displays and world-class trainers. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes when you have access to this type of energy in the comfort of your own home.

  • Price: $1,499-1,999.
  • Subscription fee: $39/month.


Customers love the Tonal workout mirror for its excellent resistance band functions, ease of music integration, and compact design. The Tonal price is up there with the Tempo Studio, but that shouldn't deter you. You’ll even get a workout mat, roller, bench, smart bar, and rope included with your purchase.

  • Price: $2,995.
  • Subscription fee: $49/month.

Protect the investment you make in yourself with Mulberry

When it comes to your physical health and mental well-being, it’s okay to spend a little extra to get what you want. The long-term effects of consistent exercise are always going to be worth the short-term investment, especially when you truly start feeling like your best self.

Don’t forget to install the Mulberry browser extension before you purchase any sort of equipment like this. You can gain access to free product protection plans, and even earn rewards for shopping!

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